Pundit insists it is time for Ramsdale to get another chance in goal

Pundit Robbie Mustoe has voiced his concerns about David Raya’s performances and has urged Mikel Arteta to consider a change in Arsenal’s primary goalkeeper position. Raya was designated as the number one goalkeeper a few weeks ago, despite Aaron Ramsdale being in good form.

Raya, who arrived at Arsenal on loan from Brentford, is often regarded as the superior goalkeeper within the squad. However, both fans and pundits have noted that there isn’t a substantial gap in quality between him and Ramsdale.

In recent weeks, Raya has been responsible for a series of critical errors, with the most recent occurring in the match against Chelsea. These mistakes have cast a spotlight on his performance, leading to calls for Arteta to reevaluate the goalkeeping position at Arsenal.

After watching Raya’s latest blunder, Mustoe told The 2 Robbies Podcast:

“David Raya… If everything Mikel Arteta said and we’re to believe it, he should be out the side now.

“You’ve had a couple of circumstances and they’ve tried to play the ball out again, you gave it straight to the opponent who didn’t score in that situation.

“You can question whether his starting position was a little bit past the near post (for Mudryk’s goal). There’s been enough now given your player on the bench was so excellent last year and has done nothing wrong.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

We have trusted Arteta to make the right decisions on team selection since he became our manager and have to trust him on this decision as well.

It may not seem right, but it is what it is and it will be on Arteta if it goes wrong, he will know this and that is why we have to trust in his decision-making.


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  1. My firm conviction on the keeper situation is that MA has made a huge mistake in preferring the markedly inferior – in every goalkeeping quality- RAYA. Instead of immediately reinstating RAMSDALE, as I SAY HE OUGHT TO DO!

    I just dont get RAYA’S supposed talents at all. Not for me!

  2. Conventional wisdom has long suggested this situation is unsustainable.
    The gaffer must now be careful this goal keeping situation does not become a circus.

    The gaffer has created this Ramsdale and Raya situation, very unusual but he says it can work.

    The Englishman had previously been the number one after dethroning Leno, but the emergence of the Spaniard had cause him to lose the advantage in recent weeks.
    There are still so many uncertainties regarding how well the two will get along in the long run, which makes every error and every accomplishment even more scrutinizing.

    Yes Ramsdale has to given a next bite at the cherry, but to do it now could damage the Spaniard confidence

  3. Raya is Spanish to Arteta will not drop him. Arteta does have he’s favourites.

    I think Smith Rowe has way more potential than Havertz too. With Smith Rowe more suited to the English game

  4. Also it wasn’t Ramsdale’s fault Saka back passed against Fulham.

    This morning in the paper Arteta says Mistakes are part of football. Then why commit to spending 27mil when you did not need too.

    We clearly need a striker.

  5. This is a problem entirely of Arteta’s making and goes against the conventional wisdom expressed by far better managers who have silverware to their names. While Ramsdale is not known for his saving of penalties, Raya has not saved a penalty since July 2020. It clearly shows Arteta is a manager in training.

  6. It’s a bit weird the situation because if Arteta eventually takes you out of the team then surely that would be a big blow to your confidence. Arteta will need to be careful with his wording when he decides to sit one of them after giving them a run. If Ramsdale comes back into the team it will be ideal if Arsenal fans really got behind him as they have the power to build up a player’s confidence

  7. Also he might end pi**ing both keepers off by 3rd qtr of the season. And not get the 110% out of either

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