Pundit insists it’s a big deal to replace your best players as Partey nears Arsenal exit

In their pursuit of further developing their playing squad, Arsenal is considering the possibility of offloading Thomas Partey and Granit Xhaka during this transfer window.

After reaching new heights in the previous season, the Gunners are determined to build upon their success by utilizing the current transfer window to enhance their team.

Under the guidance of Mikel Arteta, Arsenal is actively searching for top talents to bolster their group, which may result in the departure of certain players.

According to some reports, Xhaka has purportedly reached an agreement to join Bayer Leverkusen, while Partey has attracted interest from Juventus and clubs in Saudi Arabia.

Both players have played integral roles for the Gunners, and Alan Hutton emphasizes Partey’s positive contributions. Consequently, it is imperative for the club to be prepared to replace him adequately should he decide to leave.

“I thought Partey was good,” Hutton tells Football Insider.

“I know he had injuries and different things have happened but you really need to think that they have got somebody lined up to fill that void if they are going to let him leave. It’s a huge deal to replace your best central midfielder.

“If you get the fee that you are looking for and you can reinvest it within your squad, maybe Arteta feels he needs more strength and depth, so he will need to use that money wisely. “

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Partey has been superb for us for much of his time on our books, but he is replaceable and now is the best time to cash in on the Ghanaian star.

If we allow him to reach next summer, we will make significantly less in transfer fees, but we must secure a replacement before he leaves.

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  1. I am caught in two minds on this Partey issue.
    On one hand I think that we need him for next season. He was really good overall. It’s going to be tough season and we are going to need the likes of Partey to continue to push on.

    But then on the other hand he 30 years old, has a history wit injury. His own personal troubles we all know. But then again, £20 million for him is not worth it. Him staying might mean more to us than £20 million.

    Now reading through what I just wrote. I now do think we should keep him for one more season. No point in selling one of our best players from last sesson for such a small amount. Lets Keep him and give ourselves a better chance next season


  2. Nothing will ever sound more ridiculous than releasing your only world class player and a generational leader in the same window.

    Somthing just don’t smell right.

    1. World class player and generational leader, I didn’t know Odegaard was leaving….. sorry to have to disagree with you about Partey the last ten games he was awful, lost the ball to Rice when we drew against West Ham, and wasn’t the same player we had in the earlier part of the season, I think the charges he was facing or is facing may have something to do with it

      1. The ball that seemed to strike Rice’ hand but no foul was blown by the referee. People are quick to see mistakes than the good. Arsenal bottled it not Partey. How many error leading to goal did Ramsdale made? None I guess because he’s your favorite. Should we now sell all players that make mistakes? Sorry for my bad English 😂😂

        1. Foreverinoushadow
          It is rumored that Partey could leaving in the summer window.
          We know that Partey is a world class player , though he may have been distracted at the business end of the last campaign, but class is permanent.

          Xhaka our natural and unofficial leader on the pitch is rumour to be leaving as well.
          Now this does not make sense.

      2. I wouldn’t be surprised if partey was playing with an injury – it was make or break for the season, and we wouldn’t have wanted to go into those matches without him. Something definitely wasn’t right, either way.

      1. Davi
        The leadership qualities reefers to Xhaka he’s one of those that are born like that where the leadership comes natural, he’s that unofficial captain on the field, that control the dressing room and everything Arsenal.

        So though Odegaard is the official captain, it is by large symbolic as Xhaka run things in real time.

  3. We are in the champions league.We need as many quality players as we can afford. This transfer doesnt make sense, squad depth has been our biggest issue yet we are here trying to sell our best holding midfielder in decades! Selling Partey is a huge mistake

  4. Partey has played 99 games in three seasons.

    Rice has played 100 in the last two.

    We need someone in that position who can play nearly every game.

  5. Rice is nowhere near the player a fully fit Partey is. I really don’t get the eagerness to move partey on. Mikel is one bitter manager. One mistake and you’re out of his good books forever. Without Thomas, there’ll be a huge absence of technical quality in that midfield regardless of who they buy. Just watch.

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