Pundit insists playing yesterday certifies that Ramsdale is now number two at Arsenal

Aaron Ramsdale was in the Arsenal team for the game against Brentford as he had a first taste of action after weeks out for David Raya.

Raya was in goal in the last league game and the previous Champions League fixture and now seems to be the first choice at the Emirates.

There has been a lot of criticism of the decision to sign him and starting him in place of an in-form Ramsdale.

However, the Gunners’ manager, Mikel Arteta, is sure he knows what he is doing and does not intend to change.

As Ramsdale kept a clean sheet for the team last night with some fine saves, it should tell Arteta that he is still available for a chance in the league.

However, Ian Ladyman of the Daily Mail claims his appearance in last night’s match confirms he is now second choice.

He said:

‘Ramsdale was picked last night for Arsenal’s Carabao Cup game against Brentford and that proves to me what I’ve said all along – he’s the No 2.

‘He’s the cup goalkeeper for Arsenal. On Saturday at Bournemouth [in the Premier League], he will be back on the bench.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Ramsdale is one of our finest players and we all feel bad that he is no longer the first choice, but Raya is doing an amazing job and it makes little sense to bench him for the Englishman.


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  1. For goodness sake don’t these journalists know that Raya couldn’t play against the club that owns him, which even the article writer failed to point out. Yes, Raya will likely start the next game but he couldn’t play last night!

    1. i believe that Raya was eligible to play in the mickey mouse cup but not the premier league match against Brentford… correct me if i’m wrong here…

      1. I apologise Pat, yes in the EFL cup you can play against the club you are on loan from, if they give written permission, which Brentford did.
        Thank you for questioning my initial comment😊

      2. You’re very correct here. Raya can play against Brentford in minor cups but for the premier league unless a written documents is written by Brentford, requested by asenal to let Raya play against them.

  2. Most people write and believe what comes from their heads and their thinking. Arteta is the manager of his troops, he has 100% to choose who plays and who sits on the bench. And honestly, the last time I addressed the situation he said “There is no number one and two all players are equal to him and eligible to be picked up for any game.

      1. So what happens IF Ramsdale is picked for the next premiership games? What theory would that satisfy? Please allow Arteta make his choice as it suites him. He is evolving something in football which is not done before.

  3. Predictably,more endless articles on the keeper situation.

    ADMIN COMMENT – If you have nothing good to say, then don’t say nothing.

    Not talikng about football but simply saying that all our writers, and 90% of our readers, are all idiots is not going to impress anyone…

    Grow up and reduce your over-inflated degree-ridden ego please

    1. Is there any fight going on here? Lets please put a little respect and decorum while personal issues should be handle privately please. Humble submission

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