Pundit insists that Arsenal must have regrets over failed signing

Gary Neville has claimed that Arsenal must have regrets over their failed signing of Jamie Vardy in the summer of 2016.

It’s been made known that the English forward held talks with Arsene Wenger over a potential move to North London five years back, with the talks believed to have gone well before the Leicester striker made a dramatic U-turn on his decision.

You could definitely argue that the Gunners never made up for that failed signing, with Alexandre Lacazette having failed to score prolifically, and you would imagine that we would be a much more formidable force with Vardy leading our attack.

Gary Neville admits that he and others said that showed a lack of ambition in turning down the move to the Emirates at the time, but has since changed his thinking, adding that Arsenal must regret failing to get that deal over the line.

“Vardy and Schmeichel are both big characters in terms of being a constant through this period,” the pundit said on his Gary Neville Podcast. “Vardy turned down Arsenal three or four seasons ago, and you think of that decision, we said at the time that he might lack ambition, but actually, Leicester have done brilliantly since then and he’s gone on to become a club legend.

“You can’t say he’s made the wrong decision and I’m sure Arsenal wish they would have got him in the end because he’s a spirited striker, the type that Arsenal need in terms of personality and character. He’ll play on for a few more years, he’s so fit, he’s got that pace and hunger.”

Would Arsenal’s fortunes have been ultimately better with Jamie Vardy leading the line over the last five years?


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  1. That was shortly after their EPL win wasn’t it? Maybe he chose loyalty to the club that gave him his main chance and it certainly paid off for LC. Admire his work ethic immensely

  2. Vardy is 100% a counter attacking striker

    Arsenal are 100% not a counter attacking team, we are actually the opposite.

    Mismatch if I ever saw one.

    1. This. Leicester is the right fit for Vardy and a bad pick for a posession based team. especially one with lots of side passing, and very few long balls.

  3. The issue facing Arsenal is the squad is bloated with average players. Or players who was deemed good then came to arsenal and regressed. Example parttey who can’t stay fit. If it wasn’t parttey a lot will be calling for his head. Now the most trusted player in that Arsenal team albeit he has limited quality is granit xhaka. He never misses games, even when injured he always want to play, he wants to fight for the team. The second player who comes close is lacazette. Let’s take a moment and leave being biased for one minute. Aubameyang has been regressing yet he doesn’t get enough stick, pepe is the worse signing we have made in decades. The club signed him over zaha emery preferred. What does that say about the club? Don’t be surprised that the club is the one running show not Arteta, like they didn’t inform him about the Amazon deal. I’m not excusing Arteta as he has his own blames but the to think about it, why is bellerin still at this club? The club is greedy, they want to get maximum amount and when this doesn’t happen they offer him another massive deal. What sort of business men and women run Arsenal? If they are a serious club about 6 players will already be gone, nkethia,AMN, kolasinac, bellerin, Aubameyang,nelson,Cedric,elneny. If this young players care about their career they should push for a move away. And one more thing, I’m not hyped by balogun. Only the English fans is hyping this guy. He has a long way to go. He’s at the same age as greenwood and we all know who is ahead. Martinelli is another player who needs to turn up for the season. For now my finger is crossed for last day of transfer window.

    1. I totally agree, we have to start to go after world class players and then if and when we get them slap such a high release clause on them that no one but the top clubs will be able to come calling for our stars and then if they want to make a bid they will have to pay such an amount that we will be able to get another world class player or players to take their place. We also need a world class manager who will attract the top players like a Guardiola, Klopp or Zidane, unless this happens we are not going to be in Europe and we are not going to be able to attract the top players. So buy world class players and build a world class squad, it will need investment but it will be at least partly paid for if we get back into Europe and get into the latter stages of the competitions, then and only then will we attract the top players and become a top team again.

  4. To be fair Arsenal’s inability to get the best out of our top strikers has hampered out title aspirations.
    Francis Jeffers, Park chu Young, Marouane Chamakh, Gervais Kouassi, Andre Arshavin, Yaya Sanogo, Takuma Asano, Lucas Perez were brilliant strikers but did not receive enough opportunities at Arsenal.
    If we had employed a top manager like Allan Pardue, Ian Holloway Steve Bruce or Toni Pulis this club would have won several PL titles since 2005.

    1. Not sure if you’re being facetious (really can’t tell because most people laugh at those players but you threw arshavin in there!) but in any case I always thought Lucas Perez was really strange because he seemed to fit the team like a glove and played really well whenever he did get the chance. Just seemed like Wenger didn’t like him for some reason.

    2. If those are your idea of top drawer strikers Arsenal are in real trouble, Aguero, Kane,or in Arsenal’s case Henry, Bergkamp , McDonald,and Ian Wright those were top strikers. As for your ideas of top. Managers, Christ almighty I would rate Steve and Toni as good butt only Allan and Ian as average, Wenger, Fergie, Klopp , Zidane, now those are the cream of the crop and no I don’t include Arteta in those although I hope he might prove me wrong.

  5. It was Vardy who choose to say No to the club, admire him for that… but again, he is not current news, perhaps articles on how the club regret Messi, Ronaldo, Griessman etc etc etc could also be made into an article… and let’s not forget those players who regret LEAVING out club.

    Why do we always dwell on the negatives???

  6. Not a question that now concerns us I SUGGEST . It is of academic interest, if even that, at most and has no bearing on today.

    You can find missed opportunities to sign someone at all clubs but I see little point in this piece, TBH.

  7. Pointless speculation now but I would have liked him in our team as he reminded me so much of peak SuperMac and oh how I loved that mans endeavour and shoot on sight attitude.

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