Pundit insists that Brendan Rodgers would be interested in Arsenal job

Chris Sutton reckons Brendan Rodgers would take the chance to upgrade to Arsenal.

Arsenal should do all they can to make Brendan Rodgers their next manager, that has been the cry of several former Arsenal players.

However, the Gunners have made Freddie Ljungberg their interim manager as they are not in a hurry to name a new permanent manager.

The Gunners fired Unai Emery on Friday after a run of seven games without a win.

With the likes of Max Allegri being considered for the job, Celtic legend, Chris Sutton believes the Gunners would land Rodgers if they make a move for him.

Brendan Rodgers has lifted Leicester City to 2nd on the league table this season and the former Liverpool boss remains one of the most highly-rated British managers at the moment.

Sutton insists that Rodgers would jump at the chance of replacing Unai Emery permanently despite his current achievement with Leicester City.

He said on BT Sport’s Early Kick-Off as cited by the Daily Record: “The best person for the job at this moment in time is Brendan Rodgers.

“Would he leave Leicester? Well, he left Celtic.

“He left the team he supported as a boy and the best job in the world to downgrade and go to Leicester, so why wouldn’t he want to upgrade and go to Arsenal?

“If you’re a Leicester fan, wouldn’t you want to hear Brendan Rodgers come out and say: ‘I’m totally committed to Leicester, I’m not going to go to Arsenal’.

“He had the chance to do that yesterday, and did he? No.”


  1. gotanidea says:

    Rodgers got an unfinished business in EPL at that time, hence he moved to Leicester

    I hope Rodgers reckons Arsenal as a bigger challenge

  2. RSH says:

    Very good point. If BR wasn’t interested he would’ve killed the rumors in his last press conference and he did not. He’s there to be convinced if he’s seen as the best option. In terms of EPL experienced coaches, him and Poch are the best options right now. You could say Ancelotti but he’s tangled up in a mess with Napoli at the moment. Wouldnt be surprised either if he wants a break after it either. All of this for nothing if Kroenke’s dont support the next manager with funds.

  3. Truth says:

    I would take Rodgers. PL proven, plays attracktive football and not too big for us.

  4. GoalDan says:

    I think he has managed (arguably)the 2nd biggest club in
    England, the biggest club in Scotland and with all due respect to Leicester
    A historically low to mid end club, It is a step down ( although playing extremely well and with recent success winning the league) Arsenal are the 3rd largest English club and historically successful and known around the world, He is ambitious and mangers have to move when they are Hot.
    Offer the job with backing to build a league winning competitive team.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    He’ll wait until the end of this season, even though I agree, he’d love to get here now because you can never tell when you’ll get another opportunity like this one. If it gets filled, Tott is filled, Liv is filled, Che look like they’ll keep with Frank, that only leaves manu and this AFC job, I think it’d be difficult to say which one he’d fancy more, utd have the funding of a M city. Arsenal’s expectations aren’t quite as high but we’re spending money and there will be a timeframe being put onto the manager, because of Liv he might prefer the AFC job.

    The thing is, he strikes me as a man of his word, I don’t think he’ll jump ship during a season unless he and his employers agree that it is best for himself. He’ll likely have an agreement in place for when the top clubs call, they’ll know that he has ambitions higher than Leic, no offence and all – none taking and all.

    If we offer to buy his contract out, and pay a nice settlement fee, that might be the only way, but more likely it is that we will wait to see where we stand at the end of our season. Speaking with them all in the meantime.

    I see Freddie and Per being in charge til the summer, unless we look just too bad and if the candidates begin thinking of looking elsewhere before saying yes to us, mulling over other offers, then I think we’ll bring in an experienced head (like Wenger) to ease the tensions and instill player confidence.

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