Pundit is convinced Newcastle is the right club for Arsenal man

Former Aston Villa man Alan Hutton believes Kieran Tierney would be a right fit for Newcastle United as he struggles to play at Arsenal.

The arrival of Oleksandr Zinchenko has forced the Scotsman to see less playing time at the Emirates and some reports suggest Eddie Howe likes him.

The Magpies now have money to spend and could move for the left-back at the end of this season, but is he right the right fit for them?

Hutton is convinced he is and tells Football Insider:

“I knew it was going to be a big jump going down to the Premier League, but I knew he was ready for it. Unfortunately, they have brought in Zinchenko who has been outstanding.

“But I think somewhere like Newcastle, where he would be loved, they would love the way he plays, I think that would suit. For me, I think he is a better player overall than their current options.”

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Tierney has been one of the finest players in our squad since he moved to London from Celtic, but he is struggling to play now.

It is tempting to offload the defender, but the most successful clubs keep their best men in their squad even if they do not play much.

An injury to Zinchenko means we could turn to a quality player like Tierney, but that is no longer achievable if he leaves.

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  1. I did start this about Tierney leaving or at least one of them, Newcastle would be a nice fit for Tierney, as Newcastle are up there in the league also it’s not far from his home in Scotland, the only thing is, can Newcastle come up with what Arsenal want paid for Tierney, as we got him for £ 25 million but now he’s got to be close to £ 50 or £40 as you will be garatained a class left back who can get up and down the ring and whip in deadly crosses in to the opposituion side from the left ,plus he can play centre back ,which he hasn’t yet for arsenal as far as I’m aware of so far, but leave it in Newcastles hands as the would be getting a great young player.

  2. Why the talk of Tierney leaving, not going to happen. We need two payers in every position (like Man City) and Tierney is needed for his different abilities, like being a normal left back, overlapping, and either crossing or cutting the ball back, rather than the ‘inverted’ fashion constantly being banged on about!

        1. Correct GB and the player has not indicated that he wants to leave in any way.
          Let’s see what happens as the season progresses.

  3. Does AH frequent the JA site? This is something that has been discussed quite a lot by the posters on this site.

  4. With the system we employ I believe Arteta will sell him as he would prefer to play Tomiyasu on the left if Zinchenko were unavailable.

  5. I thought we would have seen more games where a solid left back is coming in to solidify us some more defensively speaking, ie tough encounters v dangerous wide-men/tactics.

    About his crossing which is said to be good, our tactics now have Xhaka and Odegaard, and Eddie who should be reading those crosses, not to mention the far-side fullback White coming in at the back post. This is something we should be working on imo…

    also, people have mentioned how Martinelli could do with some help to free himself up a little. It’s a good change of tactic, we need another way of playing,

    We should be able to go counterattack when needed, as well able to change things up with personnel, we need other ways of playing in…

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