Pundit joins in the chorus of condemnation aimed at Aubameyang

Tim Sherwood has slammed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after Mikel Arteta dropped the striker for Arsenal’s 3-0 win against Southampton.

The club captain had reportedly returned late from a trip abroad and Mikel Arteta disciplined him.

This isn’t the first time Auba has been on the news for the wrong reason and the striker is already struggling to score goals this season.

Former Tottenham manager, Sherwood says Arteta is under a lot of pressure, he doesn’t need his players to give him additional problems.

Sherwood said on Sky Sports via The Daily Mail: ‘I think the manager is under huge pressure, but what he can’t suffer is players throwing the toys out the pram and thinking because I’m sitting on the bench at Everton I can do whatever I want and not curb with the rest of the players.

‘I think it’s an absolute disgrace.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Auba’s unacceptable behaviour has reached a point that the club needs to punish him as an example to others.

The Gabon star is one of the oldest members of the Arsenal squad and wears the captain’s armband.

He needs to be more responsible, and if that cannot happen, he should lose the armband and perhaps be shipped out of the club before he influences the younger players negatively.


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  1. Unfortunately at present we’re a better team with him out of it! Different, unleash martenilli, balogun and nkietia. Rotate them as striker with laca ode, esr or maybe Saka behind. Auba hardly effects the game in any meaningful. The younger players will offer something different to the opposing defenders.
    I’m not getting too excited about yesterday’s game because Southampton were piss poor but a 3-0 win is a good win!

  2. It’s called Africa time, if you lived here you’d know 😃

    But really shows how poor MA is at team selection….Auba technically had to remove himself from being a starter because the manager couldn’t bring himself to do it….top bloke the captain is

  3. Instead of keeping the team laser-focused on achieving top 4, our dear leader has again chosen to engineer another crisis in the dressing room.

    Why did he decide to chastise his captain again – and publicly too – when he could simply say that Auba’s travel schedule was hampered by pandemic travel delays. Case closed.

    Now he has left the door wide open again, allowing idiots like Tim Sherwood to throw grenades deep into our dressing room.

    If the rookie-manager was really concerned about setting the right tone, why didn’t he penalize Willian last year when he broke the travel restrictions and travelled to the Middle East on vacation?

    Does Arteta really expect the players to play for him after throwing them under the bus over and over again?

    Amateur hour at the Emirates, on steriods!

    1. Cheers RF for your frank and well-reasoned assessment…just another example of the inconsistencies off the field which have been mirrored by the performances on the pitch…if I had to choose between manager and player, tactics being more logically conceived, I would take the latter all day long…that said, I obviously don’t excuse any unbecoming or unacceptable behaviour by any player, but the manner in which this was dealt with again, like last season, was some real grade school recess type sh**…MA’s incredibly lucky that the opposition never left the bus yesterday, as this could have definitely exacerbated an already fractious situation

      1. Seems Artetas taken the Jose route of throwing a player under the bus rather than keeping it in house .
        There was no need to go public as Arteta did IMO .

        1. Thanks all above for seeing my point of view. TRVL, I used your phrase without your permission.
          My humble apologies.

  4. Auba has 18months on his deal so cashing in now for whatever price and get his £250k wages off the bill along with Lacas £150k, Pepes £100k & Eddies £40k.

    Go buy an out and out goal scorer who is expected to score at least 20goals a season added with an attacking winger to chip in with at least 10goals/10assists a season.

    Martinelli, Saka, Ødegaard, SmithRowe & Balogun are all here to rotate.

    Add a CM to partner Thomas with Xhaka & Lokonga back up as Elneny leaves as does Lucas & Matteo.

    That leaves RB needed to challenge/cover Tomi, Soares can leave. LB is sorted along with CBs when Saliba Returns, just means Mari will defo be away also. Holding & Chambers both homegrown and there for back up & probably happy enough to do so.

    Niles looks like he may want to leave along with Leno.

    Basically our rebuild is only at the starting stages with the new signings hitting the ground running, luckily enough, with alot of players shipped out at whatever costs.

    After this summer this will be a completely different team. No other manager would do this overhaul hence the reason Mikel is staying put as he is willing to take the load of the criticism (just like wenger when we moved stadium).

    Arsenal are slowly building foundations for the future, as come the summer time, the players we just bought will have the experince needed to kick on next season plus add who we bring in.

    Its very interesting all this going on at Arsenal.

    1. If after all this done and Mikel is still faltering when the team is ready, then its ready made for a new manager who has experience to take over and take us to the next level.

      If we manager to get UCL next season then i believe we will spend big.

  5. We’ve found our latest whipping boy that the fans can blame for all our ills!!!!!

    Arsene Wenger, Unai Emery, Bellerin, Ozil, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Leno have all been targeted before and now it’s Aubameyang’s turn.

    I’ve always been critical of his obscene contract and some of his performances, but why is it deemed OK to crucify someone that the “vast majority” of fans were begging him to sign that contract?

    Why not start looking at ourselves as fans / supporters and question our wisdom concerning what we wish for?

    1. Ken , The stupid Auba contract was of course a massive mistake. But that was not our fault as fans – even though many called for it- but the clubs fault entirely.

      We, the fans , I suggest, would overwhelmingly vote to get Auba out of the club tomorrow if it could be magically arranged. He is a man without honour and about as much use as captain and as a striker as a chocolate fireguard.

      As for your final para . we fans have no say in things and whatever we post makes zero difference to what the club do. That is why I call myself a realist KEN!

      We(the club) cannot change past mistakes but we can stop carrying them on into the future, just as some wanted us to continue doing with Ozil.
      I would have Auba out tonight if only it were possible, even for no fee if necessary. Lazy, unmotivated players are poison and always have been , always will be.

      If only that were widely recognised as truth! Sigh!

      It is NOT a question Ken, I suggest to you, of now apportioning blame for past mistakes but it IS, and URGENTLY TOO, a matter of putting them right and asap!

      1. Jon, you are either not being a realist OR your not being honest!!!

        IF the club had not offered Aubameyang a contract of that size, he would have walked away and the fans/supporters would have said we lacked ambition, were only a selling club etc etc etc.
        I clearly remember the articles urging him to sign at ANY cost and the “vast majority” of fans backing that view up.
        The club even made a video of Aubameyang after he signed it and the fanbase lapped it up!!!

        Now it seems, the club alone have to be accountable for what went on and the fans were innocent people…. the same fans who, according to some, were responsible for getting rid of AW – UE – MO etc etc.

        I find it unbelievable that you are now saying the fanbase have no say in such things, when you have previously said the complete opposite.

        I am no defender of Aubameyang, neither will I write such deeply personal things about him, that he cannot answer.

        Dan K makes a very significant point regarding the poor form of our players and you ask him if he believes what he’s saying…. let me remind you Jon, that when MA took over the “dross squad of players” that AW and UE left him, he went on to win the fa cup and charity shield with those players.

        If we give him, quite rightly, credit for doing that, surely it follows that the situation we find ourselves in now (over £250,000,000 and numerous new players) has to be down to him?
        How is it he can, seemingly, no longer motivate a player like Aubameyang?

        YOU are apportioning blame completely on to Aubameyang and, as a realist, I just cannot accept that.

    2. You have to wonder though Ken ,how did one of the best forwards in the league before Arteta come in regress so badly?
      I remember the fans saying the new Arsenal would not give out stupid contracts and wouldn’t let players run down their contracts.
      Seems to me the club haven’t learned a single lesson and said fans were talking out of the arses .
      I believe under a proper manager we would see the best again out of Auba but the club seem to have no ambition regarding managerial appointments

      1. DK, As it seems you honestly and seriously think Auba would get his motivation and ability back if only Arteta were not our manager, I have to wonder at either your honesty in writing this OR your sanity, IF you truly believe what you wrote.

        1. You’re missing the point completely. The manager surely is responsible for motivating each player as well as the entire squad.. AND for choosing the strategy, style of play and team tactics to get the best out of each team member and the squad as a whole.

          1. I think what Dan, ken, myself and many others are saying jon and have been for months. ITS ARTETAS TACTICS! They aren’t getting the best out of what we have.

  6. Great point ken1945. Players are people too; they are not robots. As an outsider, I suspect Auba’s drop off in form could be directly related to personal matters connected with his latest trip.
    To be fair, I don’t expect ordinary fans to understand motivation theories, but I do expect more my team manager. Empathy, I think, is the right word.

  7. What has happened to Auba’s form and why it has taken a downturn, nobody except Auba would be able to answer that. That said, I still feel MA should motivate him more to get back his lost majo. Whether it is personal issues that are troubling him or team tactics, it is the managers duty to find out and sort it out. Auba is and will remain a top quality player and class is permanent with form temporary. I still feel Auba can still deliver, but something seems to be seriously troubling him and nobody but Arteta can sort it out, if he wishes to sort it out.

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