Pundit labels Nicolas Pepe signing “bad business” by Arsenal

Jermaine Jenas has labelled Arsenal’s signing of Nicolas Pepe, “bad business”

The Gunners signed the Ivorian winger from Lille for £72m in the summer. He was expected to set fires in the Premier League after having an impressive season in the French Ligue 1.

He has, however, struggled with inconsistent form this season and although he has already scored 8 goals and provided 9 assists in all competitions for the Gunners this season, Jenas still thinks that signing him is awful business based on his output so far.

The former Tottenham man was naming players who haven’t justified their transfer fee this season, and he added Pepe’s name.

Jenas told Radio 5 Live, as quoted by HITC: “Oh god. yeah. That’s up there with Joelinton, I think. It’s the money, it’s as simple as that.

“The amount of money that has been spent on him in terms of what he has delivered and what you can actually see.

“Everyone can have a bad season.

“I don’t remember it but a lot of people talk about Henry’s first season at Arsenal and that it didn’t quite go for him straight away.

“And they kind of lean on that quite a lot in terms of these types of signings in that he will get it right.

“I have just not seen it with this particular player. So that business there looks bad business, at the minute.”

Pepe will be hoping to have a better impact on the Arsenal team next season, but the Gunners will hope that he will be able to fire the team to win the FA Cup final against Chelsea next weekend.

I also think Jenas is being a little harsh, has Pepe justified his fee? no, he has not, however, he has had three managers, a disrupted season and a toxic atmosphere around the club.

If he does not improve next season then fair enough, criticise the signing but at least give the young man a whole uninterrupted season under one manager to show his true worth.

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  1. I seen enough to be convinced he will have a big impact in the league.

    If you look at when we lost against brighton, what did he do? Run down the tunnel? Go and against the opponent like Gendouzi?

    No, he asked Bissouma what did arsenal do wrong to break them down….
    Personally it goes with his personality. He believes he is the best player in the world. Literally believes this. But he thinks like this because he does the work off of the pitch..

    1. Even when you watch his body language on the pitch he acts like he is on the same level with Messi and Ronaldo.

  2. Lets hope he pushes on next season and proves the doubters wrong.When you consider that Chelsea paid 55m for Pulisic, our money men could be accused of paying way over the top for Pepe.Stuck out on the right wing and being so left footed, he is so predictable he is relatively easy to mark.To improve his effectiveness he needs to be given license to move through the middle and on the left, his natural side where he can cross on the run.Hopefully Arteta will have the foresight to give Pepe an opportunity to “expand his horizons” to get the best out of him.He has all the natural abilities to be a top class player and having bedded in, next season he will hopefully make the likes of Jenas eat his words.

    1. I disagree with part of your statement about Pepe being so left footed.

      If I could use Robben as an example, he is so left footed and players always knew he was going to cut back to his left when he reached the opposition’s box but it still didn’t stop him from going past them.

      What am saying is, Pepe needs more agility, better timing, improved team work ability and of course since its the English Premier League, an increase in sprint-speed is an added bonus.

  3. As much as Jenas is entitled to his opinion with regards to Pepe, the only person the player bneeds to convince is MA, with the fans backing him up.

  4. Here we go again. Another so-called ex-player who never got very far and somehow manages to get himself in print. !! His opinions will be entirely forgettable.

    1. agree, Jenas wouldnt even be a Championship player if he were to play now, he was below average back when he played anyway.

      What a numpty XD

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