Pundit lays into Mesut Ozil for undermining Mikel Arteta – “It just can’t go on”

No matter what Mesut Ozil does, he always seems to cause endless arguments between fans and pundits alike, and despite being left completely out of the squad for Arsenal’s game against Man City, he has upset everyone once again.

Mikel Arteta said that Ozil was ignored purely for tactical reasons on the day, but in the pre-Brighton press conference, the boss seemed to indicate that Ozil wasn’t fit enough to give his best. Ozil’s reaction was to send out a Tweet of himself kissing the Arsenal badge and the words “No matter what.”

This has incensed the TalkSport pundit Adrian Durham, who has decided that Ozil has done this simply to play mind games with Arteta for leaving him out, and it seems to indicate that he will not be leaving the club before the end of his contract. “He sent a tweet out [on Thursday] trying to tell the fans how much he loves Arsenal. It was him holding the badge while playing for the Gunners,” Durham said on air.

“That tweet is designed to undermine the manager who said he left him out for tactical reasons.

“Now whether you agree with Arteta or not [regarding that decision], Mesut Ozil is disrupting Mikel Arteta there.

“He’s making life difficult for him, he’s done it with other managers in the past, he’s now doing it with Arteta, and it just can’t go on.”

“They’re paying £350,000-a-week to a player who isn’t even worth having on the bench in a massive game, and Arsenal are considering giving a similar deal to [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang who had zero impact on the game.

“We talked about strategy with Arsenal recently. The strategy is all wrong and needed to be readdressed and refocused.

“Mesut Ozil might have made a difference, but we haven’t seen him do that often enough since he arrived in 2013. He’s been there a long, long time.”

So, although admittedly the tweet seems to be purposely cryptic, it is a fact that Ozil used this tactic a lot when he was being left out by Unai Emery, which created divisions among the staff and the fans. I wonder if Ozil will have the same success with taking on Mikel Arteta, who seems to have more respect from the players….


  1. MA doesn’t stand for any crap, as we’ve already witnessed.. so is this going to be ding ding round 2, or is it 3?! Oh well at least the media will be delighted! I must admit it’s becoming tiresome… be nice to have some good news for a change – 3 points at the Amex tomorrow??

  2. Adrian Durham delights in playing the Devils advocate,indeed I sometimes wonder if he is a direct decendant of Satan such is his desire to stir up or create problems where none exist.We now have a strong young Manager who will not select any player who does not prove his fitness to produce a high workrate.Ozil evidently falls into that category, and over the years he has seldom produced the goods against top class sides particularly away from home..In essence he was never going to feature in the Man City match which dictated a need for workhorses rather than for a fragile ballplayer.Like him or not we are stuck with Ozil until his contract expires ,but that does not mean he will be selected for every match.The fact that he is paid 350k per week has nothing to do with Arteta not is it likely to influence his thinking.

  3. As an arch reaist I have known for years past that Ozil as a player is a complete fraud. He is conning huge money while not deigning to work at all for it. As such he is a bad influence on our club and for this ghastly Gazidis mistake, rubber stamped by Wenger, we are continually suffering the damaging consequences.

    Ozil will continue leeching us for money til the blessed day his contract expires and thus prevents him stealing even a penny more. On that blessed day this fraud will be finally out of our hair and I for one am counting down the hours til this dishonourable man is forced to do his conning elsewhere. In the meantime he must be kept as far away from the playing squad as possible, where leeching frauds deserve to be!

  4. Let him leave for free

    Time to cut losses, he is not going to make any contribution.

    Even if he still costs us £200k a week in subsidising his wages, thats £150k a week saved and £7.8million over the year

  5. Ozl is a rotten apple in the Arsenal brand. He needs to shipped out as quickly as possible. There are contract disputes because other players want to be paid more or as Ozil earns. As long as he is still in Arsenal books, they will be these kind of disruptions. He should be accompanied by Xhaka, Mustafi, Luiz, and Torreira

  6. You all should repeat yourselves more often as it’s the same handful of idiot’s criticizing without the facts. # haters

      1. Perhaps you would like to enlighten me on his productiveness!
        I’m prepared for an honest appraisal

  7. Now the non fit Özil was left out and the fit hard-working players were fielded. What good did that bring the team? Who’s to blame now that there were no results? I think it’s time people look at the the entire team not a few individuals, so Aubemiyang is also useless 🙆‍♀️

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