Pundit makes bold comparison between this Arsenal team and Pochettino’s Tottenham

Jamie Carragher has issued a cautionary warning, suggesting that Arsenal risks following a path of perennial underachievement similar to Tottenham’s during Mauricio Pochettino’s tenure.

Under Mikel Arteta, Arsenal has missed out on the opportunity to contend for the Champions League title this season and currently trails behind Manchester City in the Premier League standings.

Last season, the Gunners were in contention for the league title before falling short to City.

With a series of close calls, there is growing concern among Arsenal supporters that the team may lack the extra edge needed to secure victories and clinch titles.

While Arsenal boasts a youthful squad with potential, Carragher parallels Pochettino’s Tottenham, which failed to secure any major trophies despite its promising roster.

While there’s still time for Arsenal to succeed, Carragher’s comparison serves as a reminder of the importance of converting potential into tangible results on the field.

Carragher said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal are in danger of becoming Mauricio Pochettino’s Spurs; a side to be admired for nearly being great.

‘It is damning with faint praise to say Arteta, just like Pochettino during his spell at Spurs, deserves more respect and credit for making Arsenal challengers than criticism in the event of falling short.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

We are already better than that Tottenham team, having won an FA Cup and Community Shield under Mikel Arteta.

But in truth, we need to win a major trophy soon to make fans of rival clubs take us seriously.


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  1. Every man and his dog can see the cracks at Arsenal. Go through the internet and see reviews from different websites and they all scream the same things we scream here. Yet some will die on any hill just to continually prove that everything is all right at our club and fans should be grateful for where we are. How sick.

    Moreover, I disagree with Carragher. Arteta has spent about £700m already while Pochettino had a net spend of just £105m in five years at spurs. Poch also got to a Champions League final. Stop the comparison.

    Next season should be a defining moment for Arteta. Nothing less than a Champions League semi final will do. Let’s be ambitious. The investment is already getting crazy and yet not even a Carling cup (I hate that name Carabao) to show with his own expensively assembled squad

  2. I did read the original Article on the daily fail ,and to be honest I couldn’t find fault in what he said .
    Obviously if we end up champions this season then alls rosy ,but if not the club surely needs to look at what direction it’s going ,are they happy to just make a profit or do they need that manager who actually as some kind of winning mentality to get us over the line .
    I won’t lie ,Arteta as done a good job (very heavily back)but sometimes the top top managers stick out from the crowd ,Arteta for me hasn’t done that .
    Best to hold off judgement till seasons end then reassess,I’m just worried if we end up empty handed again the club will reward failure in given him a new and improved contract,and its rinse and repeat for the next few seasons .
    Good manager but not a great one that some fans want to make us believe .
    I hear ZZ is looking for a new club ,winning mentality from his playing days to his managerial days ,unfortunately looks like BM have got there first

  3. At this time I can only compare what is now rather than refer back to Poch and Spurs.

    I think we are in danger of getting bogged down now before we are deeply in the mire or thinking we are smelling of roses at a time when nothing is certain

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