Pundit takes the opportunity to have a laugh at Arsenal’s expense

Chris Sutton makes fun of Arsenal after they earn their 13th draw of the season.

Arsenal has had a poor season and with the team is sitting closer to the relegation zone than to the top four, Mikel Arteta will be desperate to see his side end this season inside the top half of the table.

The Gunners recently broke a record that their fans will not be happy about. Their draw against Burnley was the 13th stalemate they have had in the league this season and that has broken their record for the number of draws in a 38-game campaign.

Arsenal currently occupies tenth, just seven points above West Ham who are 18th on the league table.

While speaking on the possibility of teams dropping down divisions this season, Chris Sutton and Charlie Adam discussed which teams may end up being relegated.

Adam claimed that teams from 14th placed Crystal Palace who have 30 points this season and below them have a big fight on their hand if they are to avoid relegation.

Chris Sutton then subtly muttered that Arsenal could probably save themselves by earning a few more draws.

He said as quoted by Football London: “Arsenal will probably get another ten draws to keep them up.”

This is the situation that Arsenal now finds themselves in, mediocre former footballers deriding Arsenal. It is a sad state of affairs that it is now Arsenal that has become the butt of jokes.

Ah well, we just have to take it on the chin and await the day we can turn the tables.


  1. Uwot? says:

    F** k that no mark Chris Sutton.ex chav with a huge chip on his shoulder.Hates us.That comment shows he’d love us to go down .wouldnt take a word seriously that comes out of his mouth…what would he know.only ever played with his elbows.

  2. shedzy says:

    Chris Sutton – what a no-mark.

    The poor-mans Stan Collymore.

  3. Sue says:

    Well I’m glad I read it on here and didn’t have to listen to him harping on… because that voice.. urgh it just grates on me… he has to be one of the most boring commentators out there!!

  4. Declan says:

    He’s obviously biased but likely got it about right I’m sorry to admit.

  5. Joseph says:

    can somebody tell me if arsenal is the only team that will ever be in this kind of situation?

  6. gerry burke says:

    CHRIS SUTTON – ?, so much promise , as a player, never quite fulfilled his promise. but, he was, a legend in his own lunchtime, i will give him that . and, as a commentator, his voice should be put on disc and sold to young parents who are having difficulty getting their baby off to sleep. i guarantee you that suttons voice and attitude will knock them babies to sleep til eight in the morning.i am glad he never went down the path of becoming a suicide counsellor, oh wow.

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