Pundit names the positions that Mikel Arteta needs to strengthen when the transfer window reopens

Arsenal’s struggles this season have been well-publicised and Arsenal fans are looking forward to seeing what transfers will be done under Mikel Arteta.

Just like every other team, players have been linked with a move to the Emirates and after asking their players to take pay cuts (BBC), it seems the Gunners might not be spending that much money in the next transfer window.

Regardless of the amount that is made available to Arteta for transfers, there are some positions that Arsenal needs to strengthen when they get the chance to, according to Danny Mills.

The former Premier League star claimed that he hasn’t been surprised by Arsenal’s struggles on the return of football because they have remained how they were before lockdown.

He added that the Gunners have to get the cheque book out and sign a defensive midfielder and good defenders if they want to compete for the top four again.

“They’ve been like that all season,” Mills told talkSPORT via Express Sports.

“Arsenal were very intermittently sporadic and changeable before lockdown, so coming out of it they weren’t going to be any different.

“They can be brilliant to watch and they can play sensational football but they can equally be a disaster and they can make some really basic errors.

“We know their defence has been a little bit up and down, people say Arteta came in and he shored things up a little bit – he hasn’t really.

“They’ve slightly improved since he came in but he needs an overhaul, that’s what he needs.

“He needs two or three top-quality players, a defensive-midfield player, a couple of real solid defenders to give them a chance to start competing for the top four again.

“I’ve not been surprised by Arsenal at all because they’re doing exactly what they did before lockdown.”

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  1. You’re joking, right?! Last night we completed all our purchasing….
    I’ll be absolutely dumbfounded if we go on to buy anyone else!!

    1. Its only a temp window

      there will be the summer window

      At this stage there are not many players available………

      1. I said that knowing full well the window hasn’t opened yet… we’re skint… I can’t see anyone of note coming in, John. Maybe the odd freebie, if we’re lucky, very lucky!!

  2. Exactly correct,
    Am blaming MA for Luiz extension, because he consistently state how he wants him to stay no matter what, if the board refused to sign him, it would have sent bad signal about disagreements between board and MA, I guess he will shoulder every blame /good of that deal. Cedric isn’t a bad deal and am skeptical about Mari,.
    We now have Tom, Dick and Dienery in our cb, around 8 no good cb, it’s appalling. Luiz, chambers, holding, Mari, Mustafi, Socratic, Saliba, none of whom are below EPL standards except maybe Saliba who I have not seen much from.

    1. chambers, holding, Mari, Mustafi not EPL standards?

      Have you seen Mari played against Liverfool?

      have you seen chambers and holding play since 2015 or 16?

      Have you seen Mustafic play when he was partnering Kos?

      Kostafic partnership was one of the best at that time…….

      he has certainly improved in confidence and play since Arteta took over……

      It seems like you are not watching the game and player movements but following the media reports

  3. Arteta wanting to keep these players tells how mediocre and limited he is..

    It seems to me that he is too much on personal end with players and tries to stay on top.

    Arteta is simply not a coach but an assistant, I love him as we all do but he is not ready for this job at all.

    No one takes a top club as his first coach experience. Look at Lampard
    or Zidane and every coach, all had gained experience in lower level; it was planned and prepared for years!

    Not even U23 where you can go and make mistakes, learn. Not at Arsenal and specially not in such tuff period where we still have not replace Wenger…

    Allegri is still available but we not moving, Kroenke saving money. Knew fans would cool off and support bringing our Ex captain. Used our hearts, then mocks us, saved 10M.

    Arteta was desperate for the job and opportunity, thinks he is Guardiola! But not nor will ever be a top coach; not creative enough, can’t pick a team nor tac tic. Just prepare them for games; assistant job’s main task!

  4. Arsenal have formally announced the three long term signings and Ceballos just the extension until end of season

  5. So, those of you that want Arteta to boot Luiz out, who would you be playing at the back till season end? Mari is injured, Papa is injured we have only mustafi and holding fit. If in the next game one of them drop injured, how would the rest of the season pan out? Arteta and all concerned are dealing with a difficult situation that needs time to make right. So in the meantime, they have to put up with these clowns for another season. Remember, no one is willing to buy mustafi, elneny, ozil etc that are stealing a living at this club and you can’t just get rid of them, they have lucrative contracts. Our biggest problem now is not buying, it’s selling.

  6. I don’t think Arteta have the guts to play Calamity Jane (Luiz) again. If Clown Luiz make one of his funny farm numbers just one more time it will hit Arteta himself, with the anger of all frustrated Asn’l fans all over the world – and that Spanish guy is out! I guess he gave Clown Luiz another year because he want him as his own poodle pet in the locker room. How sweet.

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