Pundit names the sort of ‘player Arsenal need’ this summer

Kevin Phillips has told Arsenal to sign Southampton midfielder James Ward-Prowse this summer.

The Gunners have been working on strengthening their midfield for a number of seasons, and are yet to find their perfect partnership to bring real balance to the side.

While Thomas Partey and Granit Xhaka have shown glimpses of what could be, their consistency alongside each other has been few and far between, while summer signing Albert Sambi Lokonga’s only appearance in 2022 thus far came when the Swiss midfielder was suspended.

Chris Wheatley talked up the possibility of Xhaka leaving this summer recently, and Phillips has told Arsenal that they should sign JWP from the Saints, a player that the manager ‘would love’ to have available to him.

“Ward-Prowse is the sort of player Arsenal need,” Phillips told the Football Insider.

“Technically he is a very, very good player and he’s a dead-ball specialist. He’s the sort of player Arteta would love in his squad I imagine.

“Could they get him out of Southampton? That’s the question. He just signed a new deal and I think he’s happy there. It would be a big test if Arsenal could knocking though. He could be persuaded to join.

“Ward-Prowse is the sort of player Arsenal need to be looking at in the summer. He’d compliment Partey well and let’s be honest, there’s not many better set-piece takers than him in the world.”

I have to admit, James isn’t one who I have imagined wants to move clubs, but I have always been a fan of his understated style of play. He ticks all the right boxes. Even without his amazing deadball skills, he’s always seemed to be one of the most consistent midfielders in the division, and I’ve never quite understood why he isn’t linked with moves away from St Mary’s summer upon summer.

That could well be about to change however, and who would begrudge him for eyeing a move ahead of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, with him currently on the fringes of the England squad.

Do you agree that a Partey-JWP partnership would be a spectacular one?


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  1. it’s difficult not to appreciate what he has on offer from a set piece perspective, but his offensive output relies a bit too much on those types of moments for my liking…as it stands right now our wide-side, cross heavy schematics don’t lead to that particular type of opportunity often enough to justify this acquisition and as such I would categorize him as more of a “luxury” buy than a pressing need…let’s remember the last time we went “specialist” hunting we ended up with the rather underwhelming and unproductive Xhaka, who was once considered a dead-ball specialist in his own right…now if he were a few years younger and considerably cheaper, he would definitely be worth a look, but I just don’t think he provides the requisite guile, from a servicing perspective, to unlock our rather uninventive offensive philosophy

  2. We have an unhealthy obsession with playing the ball wide and crossing to no-one.

    Our tactics would nullify all of his strengths barring free kicks. The above is also the exact reason any striker struggles in out team.

  3. They hood winked us and earned a fortune with the departures of Ox and Chambers when the economics guru was in charge. They have to think twice now that we have Mikel.

    1. The ox bought for 15 million sold for 35 million
      Chambers was an undisclosed fee ,given away for free from our new economics guru ,the one that likes to give players away .
      You forgot to mention how Southampton hoodwinked us in having Cedric off them as well .20 million In Wages on a back up right back .

      1. @Dan kit

        Cedric was on a free, an upgrade on Bellerin, and is a decent backup RB. Not sure where you got 20 million in wages from?

        Yet more disinformation to fit your MA out narrative!

        1. Agree Cedric is worth it can play on either flank, the next best thing after Tomiyasu, but they will never acknowledge it.Who cares, the magician keeps pulling out the aces from his sleeves. He looks not at just the skill, he needs players with the right attitude and mentality, hence the freebies chucked out. Still soar about Ozil DK?

        2. Like I said 20 million In wages .3.9 mill per year over 4 years =19.6 mill .
          Hope that helps with your comment
          Maybe read what I write jonbo.

        3. the bigger question for you “Jonbo come lately” is what exactly is your narrative???

              1. Lols
                I actually thought it might be Thirdman because he’s slowly over the last few weeks started to get a little bit
                Tinfoiled hat going by his last pathetic article .
                Seems to be JA members who’s names start with J have a massive wide on for any anti Arteta commentators.

                1. I truly believe that several posters actually post under different namesakes to prop-up those narratives that best suits their particular self-interests…kind of like the whole FF/Wyoming gig but different in that they’re doing it simultaneously…I get it, but terribly sad all the same

  4. A very good option since we struggle to convert our numerous set piece,i’ll love to see it happen.great idea!!

  5. Ward-Prowse is loyal to a fault. He will never join us, or leave Southampton for that matter. And that’s good for him!

  6. It won’t be a bad deal to buy Ward-Prowse, he’s loyal, good with long range shots, free kicks, a good leader and energetic,
    Compared to Reuben Neves , Ward-Prowse is an upgrade.
    Under the guidance of Arteta, Ward-Prowse would be class.

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