Pundit names three Arsenal players that will join rivals if they don’t win trophies soon

Stan Collymore has named three players who might leave Arsenal if the Gunners don’t get better and start winning trophies.

Mikel Arteta has made them a strong club again, and they might finish this season inside the top four.

That would be a significant improvement on their standing in the last campaign, and it would mean a return to the Champions League since 2017.

The Spaniard is overseeing a major rebuild, and you can sense that his team is on the cusp of something great.

However, no one can predict how much longer it would take before they compete for titles again.

Collymore believes Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith Rowe and Gabriel Martinelli all have the quality to play for a club like Manchester City and Liverpool, and these rivals could poach them soon.

He tells Mirror Football: “Arsenal’s youngsters are the real deal — Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith Rowe and Gabriel Martinelli.

“But the problem is for Arsenal, they may get picked off if the Gunners don’t get to the Promised Land of winning trophies in the next couple of years. I could certainly see Liverpool and the two Manchester clubs being interested in Saka, Smith Rowe and Martinelli — they have a chance of getting into one of those clubs in the next four or five years if they keep developing.”

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We all know the top clubs admire our players and will fancy their chances of signing them.

However, we are also on an upward trajectory, and in no time, we would challenge for titles.

If that happens, there would be no need for us to worry about losing any of our best players.

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  1. What the hell does Collymore know about playing in the Premier League in 2020’s. He was a mediocre ;player at best and is better known as a wife beater. Perhaps when he puts up and does a good job in a coaching job or managerial role then I might listen to some of the idiotic drivel that is coming from his potty mouth!

  2. My word
    Collymore don’t have to worry about us losing our prize possessions, only the blind wouldn’t have seen our upward trajectory

  3. Klopp as an eye on Martinelli that’s for sure after reading what he’s said about him over the last few years .
    You only have to look at Jota to see what a top manager can do with players coming in on a lowish transfer fee .
    With out looking if I remember these were low transfer fees ,Klopp reminds me of the great Arsene in his prime ,getting players in for cheap and making them world class while playing exciting football .
    I would be worried with what Stan as said regarding those 3 players if we stand still .

    1. How is he talking bollocks Declan ?
      You think those three players mentioned would want to stay at a club that just qualify for competitions that we have no chance of winning .
      Saka and Martinelli are to of the best young players I’ve seen at this club in donkeys years
      I would suggest he’s talking complete sense regardless if he was a woman beater or not .

      1. Sorry I don’t agree with you, I still believe in loyalty and that our young players love playing for Arsenal. Come back to me if and when it happens and I’ll doff my cap to your superior knowledge. Anyone who can defend any prediction from Collymore needs to check his previous calls to see he is a know nothing pundit.

  4. “That hole in your face must be the HQ “
    Fantastic wording if I actually knew what that ment I could maybe reply .
    Think it’s best for you to take a step back and read what you post before sending that send button there buddy .
    My advice would be to lay off them energy drinks that mummy’s credit card have bought you and just chill .

  5. I can see one of those players leaving, especially since he is getting little playing time at the moment.

    I have said this many times before, but I think, with his close control and eye for a goal, ESR would be a great fit for Man City.

    Currently he is being kept out by Tavares. Arteta is playing Martinelli as an inside left, allowing Tavares, with his pace, to rush up the wing and lose the ball faster than any one else in the team!!!

    Eventually, even ESR has to cotton to the fact that Arteta wants pace and not skill on the wings.

    In the summer Arteta will undoubtedly buy some more players who will push ESR further down the pecking order.

    It is my view that the only reason Arteta gave ESR a new contract was because Villa wanted to buy him. With a longer term contract Arteta can ask for more money for him…..

    I just hope some of ESR’s friends or agents have noticed this trend too.

    I worry that he will wither on the vine at Arteta’s Arsenal.

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