Pundit names three players that are a frustration to Arsenal’s progress

Roy Keane reckons that Arsenal’s defensive trio of Kieran Tierney, David Luiz and Rob Holding is holding the Gunners back.

Arsenal was beaten 3-1 by Liverpool last night in the Premier League and the Gunners used those three defenders as their back three.

They struggled for the duration of the game as Liverpool pressed and attacked them relentlessly.

After the game, Keane appears to give a pass mark to other parts of the Arsenal team apart from their defence, which was made up of those three players.

He claimed that even though he understands that Mikel Arteta’s hands are tied in terms of bringing in new players, there is a big question mark on those three defenders.

Speaking on Monday Night Football as quoted in the Sun, the ex-Manchester United captain said “There’s no getting away from that but he will still want some improvement.

“His hands are tied which is a big problem because he still needs a couple more players in.

“We saw again tonight that defensively – I still think David Luiz, Kieran Tierney and Rob Holding, there’s big question marks over them.

“Luiz still has that mistake in him.”

Arsenal is still in the market for new players, but they are unlikely to land a new defender after bringing in Pablo Mari and Gabriel Magalhaes in the last two transfer window.

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  1. Midfielders were the ones losing the ball every time they got it. Sorry but cant be putting defense in massive amounts of pressure every single time like we did yesterday. Luiz and Holding are not top defenders, but did best they could and handled what they could. Tierney had a poor game, which he doesnt have many of. Wont be too harsh on the defense yesterday when the clear problem is still our midfielders.

  2. The center back three of Tierney Luiz and Holding was a surprise. Tierney is better at left back or left midfield. Holding is better in a pair, when he isn’t the main passer of the two.

    1. He’ll get benched by yeri mina really? Holding is good in the air,physically well built plus good in one vs one…old fashioned type defender… he did pretty much well vs thevl one on one vs mane bsr his passing hevdoes basically everything else asked of a defender pretty well

  3. Tierney, for me, is to blame for Mane’s goal because he didn’t close down Salah well enough, allowing him to run him into the I8-yard box where fouling him would result in the obvious. Overall, the defence did well. We were clearly more defensive minded in the first half. Only when Ceballos came on did we see some more attacking intent. Like Xahaka said, we didn’t have enough belief and depended entirely on loose balls which Liverpool didn’t give too much of. On Thursday, we should have a more tactical game plan because it’s a knockout match and we shouldn’t lose twice in same week to same opponent to save some face. I do believe this latest loss will be a wakeup call to the boys to up their game more so that we get something out of Thursday’s game

  4. Including Tierney?
    Very shallow assessment by Keane.
    No wonder he said Liverpool’s defense were sloppy against us (a statement that got Klopp mad).
    I am glad we are not selling Tierney and because Keane is not the coach.
    Vision In Progress!

    1. Actually bellerin was the worst poor marking even winning spirit was lacking among the arsenal players

  5. Luiz is a back up..and a mistake waiting to happen still…xhaka a back up..elnenenny..a back up.. Bellerin is a shell of what he was…amn was horrendous…Pepe horrendous…as a finisber Laca leaves at lot to be desired as a finisher.. unbelievable misses.. but he works hard tracks back holds up as and sprays it…auba can’t trap it..cant hold it up…his track back ain’t the greatest….pepe s track back and his jogging around make me sick….Kola back up…GET RID OF THE DEAD WOOD…and spend it on the midfield defenders passers…elite people at their positions…you just spent 5 billion on freaking stadium for garbage team…spend the damn money and get rid of the freaking deadwood

  6. I wonder just how fit Tierney was, given that he missed the West Ham game and was brought back in to mark Salah, which is tough even if you’re playing well.
    It was easily Tierney’s worst game for Arsenal so far, and he’s been pretty good a majority of the time for us.

    Bellerin was woeful as well, caught out of position, ball watching, it’s a wonder that the likes of PSG and Barcelona have shown interest in him.

    The back three can’t be held accountable for that loss when we can’t keep hold of the ball in midfield and up front.
    If you continually give the ball away to this Liverpool side, the defense will eventually crack and mistakes will happen.

  7. I lost all respect for Keane when he went out with the purpose of breaking the leg of a fellow professional many years.He is very limited between the ears and has been a failure as a football manager.Tierney is playing out of position and Holding is effective when paired in the middle of a back four.Luis has had his day.

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