Pundit piles in on Arsenal and reckons they will be in relegation zone soon

Pundit Jason Cundy slams Arsenal and predicts that they will be in the relegation zone by the New Year.

Arsenal is really in turmoil. The Gunners were beaten 2-1 at home by Brighton on Thursday to leave them winless in their last nine games.

That game was their second under the interim boss, Freddie Ljungberg after they fired Unai Emery for the team’s poor performance.

The performances haven’t improved and now former average players are jumping on the bandwagon to have their say.

“In the first half Arsenal were pathetic, I mean truly pathetic,” said the former Chelsea defender on The Sports Bar per Talksport.

“A joke, that’s how bad they were.

“In the second half they had a go, but in the first half they were toothless, spineless, gutless, they were dreadful.

“Brighton were the better side by some distance. It was no fluke result, the best team won and it could have more.

“Things are rotten to the core at Arsenal, absolutely rotten to the core and they’re a broken fanbase right now.”
Looking ahead based on the team’s performance on the night, Cundy claims they could be facing a relegation fight soon.

“Arsenal are struggling,” he added.

“They haven’t won a Premier League game in two months and they’ve got Man City next and Chelsea coming up.

“This is no joke, by the start of the year they could find themselves in the bottom three.

“They’ve got West Ham away, Man City at home, Everton away, Bournemouth away, Chelsea at home and Man United at home.

“Where are their next three points coming from? They could be in the bottom-three by the New Year.

“They’ve then got Crystal Palace away, Sheffield United at home, Chelsea away, Burnley away – where is their next win?

“Arsenal could go three months without winning in the Premier League.”

This is the price we have to pay. Everyone and their uncle that has a platform is now going to scream how bad Arsenal are.

The sad thing is, he is not half wrong. Arsenal is in desperate shape and with the games coming up there is every chance we will be in the relegation dog fight.

I hope the players read these sort of comments because if they are then maybe, just maybe it will motivate them to get their acts together.


  1. Or alternatively Arsenal could rediscover confidence
    and go on an unbeaten 40 match run and make top 4
    Europa League final + FA Cup final.
    Give Freddie the rest of the season to turn the team around.

    1. Hang on, wasn’t it you who said that UE was the best thing since sliced bread and we should give HIM until the end of the season?
      I really do think you are a spud in disguise – I really do.

      1. Yes I backed Emery.
        Now he is gone I back Freddie.
        Its called supporting the team
        You should try it sometime

        1. supporting what team? they are a bunch of running around chickens in the field please be real top 4 and so on you must be kidding

        2. So you now want freddie to be given the rest of the season to do, through no fault of his own, exactly what UE was doing?
          That’s not supporting the team, that’s committing suicide and if you DID support the team, you would have realised that simply by the league position we find ourselves in today.
          Have you even watched the football we have been playing in the last eighteen months?
          It doesn’t need much to realise we haven’t got the most vital position, that of coach, correct…yet you want to follow that decision because it’s “supporting the team”?
          Sorry, spud I just don’t agree with you.

          1. All this ken/ jon 100% agreeing is getting boring. When are you going to write someting with which I can disagree? Oh how I love the old verbal punchups and miss them. But I still luv ya Ken!

          2. Jon, it takes a catastrophy to unite supporters of The Arsenal it seems!!

            Tell you what Jon, I gave you some facts about Walcott – have you seen them?

            That should get things back on track!!!

          3. No Ken I have not seen the Walcott facts. I ‘d like to though ! But no stats will convince me that this charletan was not the laziest Arsenal player ever. He was the polar opposite of Geordie Armstrong,probably our hardest working player ever. I never even considere thatplayers could belazy back in those days. It just never arose becuas plyer were men, noit frit kids. Mind you, George Graham was called Stroller but even he made Walcott look lazy. Walcott would not have lasted five minutes if managed by Graham. He is now shirking on Evertons bench which suits him fine, as you can rest on the bench.

          4. Have a look Jon, because you said he was in the everton reserves!!

            After being called out for not checking the facts myself, I checked your statement and it was wrong – you surely want to end this “love in” and correct your mistake also?!?!


    I take no notice of what these people have to say, because I know exactly what the club needs, as does most every other fan of The Arsenal.

    The problem is, we are all blaming everyone from ex managers and players, to current owner, players and backroom staff (me included of course!!).

    More than ever our club needs a united fanbase, who will support the new manager/coach, the current players and turn up at every home game to show that support.

    The last three games I have watched have been the worst in my time as a supporter of the club, but I will be at the next game cheering the players on.

    If we don’t want to be relegated, because that could be a real outcome, that is what we should all do…and stuff this attack on our club down the throats of these Arsenal haters – but will it happen?

    1. Well said Ken 1945 All’s we want is a top manager and he will turn it around then that should shut up the moaners but the board have to get a top manager surely they can get that right can’t they

  3. Arsenal ARE really in turmoil….. sorry admin just something that annoys me.
    Arsenal ARE not Arsenal IS ….
    I’m sure Jon will back me on this?
    Actually he’ll likely flame me for being pedantic but hey that’s me😜

      1. Sorry but you have never been wronger 🤣
        Arsenal are a team not is a team🤔
        I didn’t get a BSCOEM BA in Engerlandish for nutting ✌️

    1. GB. Grammatically speaking you are correct but as language needs to and does constantly evolve, I for one, do not worry overmuch about minor language errors on what is , after all, NOT a site for English professors. LANGUAGE PEDANTS RARELY CONVINCE FOLK OF THEIR ERRORS.IS IT WORTH WORRYING THEN? NB People constantly write ” Arsenal have”… etc instead of the correct “Arsenal has” … but the world goes on!

      1. GB. I have a good English language degree but I also make mistakes at times. My post above this one has a minor punctuation error which no doubt you will find. But again, the world goes on!

    1. Benitez has 23 M release clause on his current contract with Dalian Yifang. It would be foolish to pay the Chinese club that amount of money, because it would reduce our transfer budget

      The main options should be Pochettino, Rodgers and Nuno, because:

      – They still have plenty of energy to pay attention to each player, because they are still relatively young
      – They have vast experience as managers
      – They have some achievements in EPL clubs

  4. Fulham also spent more than 150 M for purchasing new players and they were relegated due to the lack of cohesiveness between the players. They also had a technical gifted player in Jean Seri and they had Chambers as a CB

    By the time they shifted Chambers to CDM position, it was too late. I predict Arsenal would suffer the same fate, if they don’t realize the importance of a good CDM soon

    We always play with two incompetent DMs in 4-2-3-1, who never cover the hole between the two CBs. Had we had someone who sits in front of the two CBs and shorten the passes, I believe we would start controlling the games again

  5. Well,I predicted all this right from the day Emery was contracted. I watched most of PSG games especially in the champions league and concluded that the man has nothing to offer as a manager of a top club but no one listened or believed me, today we can all see the result. The problem of arsenal did not start today,yesterday or even three years ago, it’s been there but we always got lucky to be where we have been,Mr kronke and Wenger destroyed arsenal, and it will take a serious investment and a top quality manager to salvage it. Anybody who has been following arsenal for the past seven to eight years will understand what am saying. It has been a bomb waiting to explode and it has exploded. It should not be the issue of blaming the fans,it should be the board, the fans have been patient and have been paying the highest ticket in Europe yet no rewards from the greedy owner.. So whatever that happens to arsenal now should be put at the doorstep of Mr Kronke.

  6. We can’t go down the route of a temporary manager
    I think the manager has to be long term, who players respect there ideas
    And will implement them. I honestly don’t think that any of the players are this bad, Mentality week, yes, no confidence, yes, and no football intelligence apart from Martinelli in my opinion ( put him on a long term contract). Our defence is shockingly poor, which we could of got away with that This season, If we had control of midfield ( no tall athletic players) who cover the ground when we lose the ball, that would takes the pressure of the defense. I don’t want to see strikers coming to deep to defend just close down upfront, the midfield should be doing most of the running….

  7. We do not need an obnoxious character like Cundy to tell us how bad our team is,those of us with any intelligence have been telling it as it is for at least 3 years.How any concern would pay this limited individual money for his inane comments is beyond me.A useless footballer and a useless pundit.

  8. We are 10th and can slip to 15thwith a defeat at Westham, a second one will have us behind, Everton if they win both games we lose! 18th place.

    I wrote it in a previous article comment, why would you wait for pundit when you have this here hours before?

    Just take to look at table to see we are 5 points above Everton 18th position! Relegation is 2 losts away!

    They gave Freddie til January 1st: by then we have 6 games; at Westham, Everton, bournesmouth, and hostong man City, Chelsea, Man U at home!

    If you look at our 6 last games & mainly opponents, most were in relegation zone or bottom! 2 last games under Eddie are same pace, draw, lost, worst actually in two games than Emery.

    Therefore, it doesn’t take no pundits to look at these facts and same formation issue if not worst. The back 4 on both games is as or worst than Emery, but these players are not top CBs, Luiz was and have experience, leadership, an even Kos’ replacement who was our best defender for years!

    Saddest part is that Emery finally got it on his last game; a 4-1 defence with Luiz infront of CBs as Chambers can play. We do not have a top CB pair nor even 1.

    Have midflields to fill that major hole right in center of defense did nor does not nor can solve a CB issue. Add one CB who can block that zone is only way, Luiz did great, team was flying, controlling, attacking, camping in opponent zone because one player lckibg this area allows other midfields to attack. We looked unstoppable and solid until Luiz came out!

    Freddie didn’t catch it obvisoubly! Emery mistake was to not start or at least have Bellerin in the bench. When zluiz got injured, all we had to do was get Bellerin in at RB and Chambers to cover CBs and defense as Luiz did!

    He had no defender on the bench and actually got Mustafi out, desperate to win, but it was over before game; empty Emirates got Kroenke losing his mind! Or Emery be there!

    They saving money til Freddie 10 games allowed with no coach diplomas allowed when a club I left with no manager!!!

    Anyway. You must read our comments, we ahead of pundits and already adknowledge the dangerous zone we flirting with!


    1. Mogunna, And don’t forget Herbert Chapman too, who has only been dead for 85 years. Otherwise no doubt you would have liked him to return too!

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