Pundit predicts that Arsenal will finish lower than last season

Rio Ferdinand has told Arsenal’s fans to be prepared to see their club finish 9th in the Premier League this season.

Arsenal has made a terrible start to this campaign and has lost their opening two Premier League games of the season.

The Gunners are currently firmly in the relegation zone and it doesn’t get better when one looks at their fixture list with Manchester City their next opponents.

The Premier League champions will look to crush Mikel Arteta’s side and earn all the points when both clubs meet this weekend.

The Gunners have added the likes of Martin Odegaard and Aaron Ramsdale to their squad in this transfer window and will hope these players help them earn the points that they need to climb up the league table.

However, Ferdinand doesn’t think the Gunners have what it takes to get into the European places at the end of the campaign and says they should expect to finish around mid-table.

He said as quoted by Sun Sports: “I would be happy with top ten if I was you lot [Arsenal fans].

“I think you will finish ninth. Let me look at the league table right now, you’re 19th right now.

“Brighton would bang up Arsenal right now! Brighton would be a problem for you lot!

“He still thinks it’s the O2 Arsenal with the O2 on the shirt. Brighton would smack you up, bruv!

“You lot need to do something because oh boy. You know what, I can’t even laugh this week because Man Utd put a dent in my confidence.”

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  1. This is the same “Pundit” that thought selling Joe Willock, who has never impressed in an Arsenal shirt “Baffling”. Now Newcastle are in exactly the same position as Arsenal with no points, but they will still be in the same place at the end of the season, whereas Arsenal will rise up the table in September / October.

    1. The fact that we are in the same position as Newcastle despite a much much better squad and having just spent over 100M,says more about us than Bruce and Newcastle and I don’t mean that in a good way.

  2. With our squad and no European football
    I fully expect Arsenal to finish 5th.
    Leicester Westham Spurs have Europe
    and Everton will fall away.
    It is still possible we can get top 4 as one of the big teams could implode under the pressure
    But yes 5th is minimum

    1. Yeah I totally concur I think 5th as well, for the reasons you mentioned, as I’ve said before I think we should beat the teams we are expected to beat (obviously Brentford not included) And at least have a go at the top teams (obviously Chelsea not included) 😁…..

  3. The perception of many in the football business outside Arsenal, is we are a busted flush. It doesn’t mean they are right but it does mean from the outside looking in we are not as great as we think we are. It doesn’t matter what Rio thinks but in many ways, it shows we have massive problems and people dont fancy us because of what we do as a club.

    1. Hi Reggie I think we have been on a downward trajectory and now plateaued and hopefully start rising again. I don’t think unlike Rio that we are still falling (total points wise) I’m not sure if we got more points last season compared to the previous year? But I got a gut feeling we will do better this year…🤔

  4. Naive argument. We have young players but most of them have played at top level for a while. We are contenders for top 4 in spite of the sloppy start

  5. Why should anyone take the so-called pundits seriously? They may have been good players like Rio Ferdinand but that doesn’t make them good analysts. Infact many of them are horrible pundits! Many of them lack the capacity to make balanced assessment and act in the heat of the moment!
    The season is just 2 games now and there are still 36 games to go. It is far too early to make any reasonable conclusions. Arsenal has made several changes to their squad and the team has been unfortunate with injuries and a number of sick players. In such circumstances it is very irrational to judge a team. Let us wait and see what happens after at least 10 games.

  6. Been trying to win the Euro Millions for more than 10 years now.
    Hope Ferdinand coulr fix it for me.

  7. When you devote your development years totally to a sport, to the detriment of education and everything else, it is not surprising that many footballers are not “the sharpest tools in the shed”.
    Unfortunately many are not smart enough to manage the money they earnt playing football to support
    themselves post retirement.
    However Rio Ferdinand has a reported net worth of £75 million (not small change) and David Beckham £670 million. Matthieu Flamini, who has made the majority of his money post football has a reported net worth of £30 billion!

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