Pundit predicts the number of points Arsenal will end the season with

Robbie Savage takes a dim view on where Arsenal will finish the season.

As teams prepare to enter the final few months of the season, Robbie Savage has predicted how the Premier League’s top ten would look at the end of the season.

The former Leicester City star made some known predictions as reported in the Express, like Liverpool winning the league crown, but he also added that the Reds would end the campaign unbeaten and amass a point haul of 110 points.

He also added that Manchester City and Leicester City would be the other teams who will finish inside the top three.

He predicts that Arsenal would finish the season outside the top eight with a ninth-place finish their best outcome at the end of the season.

He claims that Mikel Arteta’s side would pick up just 22 more points from their remaining games and finish the season with a total of 53 points.

You got to hope that Savage’s prediction is wrong and Arsenal finish the season on more than 53 points but in all honesty, it is hard to argue with his numbers on this.

Arsenal is currently in Dubai planning for the end of their season. The Gunners have made two new additions to their team and Arteta will be hoping that Pablo Mari can start against Newcastle United and bring a new dimension to their build-up play from the back.

The Gunners take on Newcastle first on their return and their performance in that game will go a long way to show how prepared they are to attack the rest of the season.


  1. Sue says:

    Bloody hell, looking at that picture, Robbie needs to stop worrying about our points and go to the hairdresser!! What a barnet!!

  2. Simons says:

    people should stop prediting wrong things

  3. Mogunna says:

    He is playing it safe, upon season’s stats so far and actually optimistic.

    31 points for 25 game

    13 games left, means bit less than half of what we played so far.

    Our season’s average secures 15 points upon our numbers; finish with 46 pts.

    He actually ads 6 points, certainly bit generous but takes not much risk.

    He doea same with City and foxes, stats; plays it safe and bit optimistic. I tend to not trust these 2 teams lately and it could & will be a surprise. One or both out of top3 and possibly top4.

    Now to see Reds finish at 110 is even more so optimistic, Means they draw once and wins it all, but with one draw in 31 games, nothing is impossible with those Reds. But it will be tuff unless they drop out of cup.

    Now, for us, I think he is indeed playing it safe but not so realistic as it is simply impossible to predict with Arsenal this season, so far.

    Because it is not up to players but on formation picked by coach.

    Again, just look at last cup game’s two halves and you see 2 formation with same players on pitch. One half we win, second we lose, because of change in formation, affecting our game that exact way. Controlling and attacking in first, completely opposite in second half.

    For Arteta to commit such mistake almost got us a draw, worst part, he took that second half wrong formation to next EPL game; for a draw!

    1. Mogunna says:

      Point; we cant predict Arsenal ; there no team to base it on, changes all the time!

      We can go up or down upon formation, not about the players at all but also on coach!

      So far Arteta shows that he is top assistant coach! Great to get players ready but not play them right!

  4. GB says:

    I’m hoping he’s right, means we won’t be relegated😳

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