Pundit proclaims Arsenal’s top target would score more goals than Erling Haaland

This summer, Arsenal hopes to sign Alexander Isak, reportedly Mikel Arteta’s top striker target. Many analysts think that Arsenal is a striker away from being a title-winning team.

Given Isak’s impressive stats of 21 goals in 30 games, many Gooners should view him as a potential hero capable of leading them to glory. Well, as some people start daydreaming about the potential ‘bad news’ forward line that Isak could form alongside Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli, former academy prospect Jay Bothroyd has further shared why it would make a lot of sense for the Gunners to go all out to recruit Isak.

Bothroyd is totally convinced that Isak is the best striker in the Premier League. According to him, the Swede is way better than Erling Haaland, who won the Golden Boot with 27 goals in 31 games. In all competitions Haaland has managed 44, which he could see him add to if you are lucky enough to have secured FA Cup Final tickets for next weekend. But unless he scores 10 goals he won’t match last years total.

Bothroyd even thinks that if Manchester City had Isak as their main striker, he could score more goals than their Norwegian star, which is rather a big prediction.

“He’s the best number nine, if he was to play for City, he would score more goals than Haaland. He’s a better finisher, he’s a better all-round player, he’s better at one on ones. He’s faster,” he said on the Optus Football Podcast

Arsenal is definitely determined to outperform Manchester City in the upcoming season. And if having a better striker is what gives them the edge over the PL champs, then they should go for it.

Isak is a talented player, but he won’t be easy to recruit. The Gunners will have to put together an enticing offer, perhaps exceeding £100 million, in order to persuade Newcastle. To meet FFP requirements, the Magpies need a significant sale.

If a deal for Isak proves to be unattainable, the Gunners will surely pursue equivalent alternative targets, but he certainly seems like the real deal this season.

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  1. Isak is a fantastic striker and PL proven. Would love for him to be our striker. Don’t see it happen, in fact I see it a bit as a pipe dream. (We would have to sell Havertz – no point to have Havertz on the bench, and I don’t rate him in midfield)

  2. Not impossible if the right offer is tabled….somwthing around 100 mill should be enough to away Newcastle

  3. How about Antony Gordon, play him as the left 8 and leave Havertz where he is?

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