Pundit proves how ridiculous he is with Arsenal Tottenham transfer claim

Former Leeds United and Man City defender Danny Mills has never had a credible reputation as a pundit and he has finally proven how ridiculous he is with an absurd suggestion involving Arsenal and Tottenham.

Mills reckons that in the event that Arsenal fail to sign Celtic left-back Kieran Tierney that Unai Emery should then make a move for Spur’s Danny Rose.

Talking to Football Insider, Mills seems to suggest that Rose would welcome the move because of next years Euro Championships.

“He’ll want to play football and he’ll want to be first choice,” Mills said

“You’ve got the Euros coming up next year, if he’s not playing that jeopardises his chances of making the Euros squad. It could be his last international tournament.

“If Arsenal can’t get Tierney, would they take Danny Rose? They should do.

“The Arsenal-Tottenham thing is of course always going to be an issue but they would take him. Manchester City, he’s probably a little bit old for the demographic they’re trying to bring in. Manchester United, Liverpool – they’re okay. Chelsea can’t sign him.

“Realistically, in terms of where he would want to go, they’d be up there challenging, in and around, what other London clubs could afford him?”

Wow, what can one say? I mean, is this really the level of punditry in English football these days?

I love this part “The Arsenal-Tottenham thing is of course always going to be an issue”

Is he having a laugh? an issue?

Of course, it is a bloody issue, there is no way that Tottenham would sanction such a transfer and to even think that this sort of transfer could happen shows the absolute incompetent that Mills is.

There is no free transfer issue here, there is no release clause or anything like that and any pundit worth his salt would know that.

This is purely an attempt by a low-level pundit to try to be relevant, nothing more nothing less.

This one is never ever going to happen and pundits like Mills need to be called out on their irrelevance and that is exactly what I am doing here.


    1. The rumor is very strong. I consider it is done and I’m just waiting for the official announcement

    2. Ive just seen Images that must of been leaked and circulating of Pepe doing the photoshoot in the new red Jersey.

      99% sure the signing is done.

      Not that anything is confirmed, but I suspect KT pursuit will end in him signing. The way arsenal are doing things is incredible in this current window.

      Finally on Pepe, goalscorer, assist maker, penalty taker, free-kick. Nit since Ronaldo has the EPL seen such a player.
      It will take him time, but looking forward to seeing the future #P.A.L

  1. Rose is an excellent LB, but I can’t forget his dangerous lunge at Leno’s stomach and Tierney’s arrival is imminent

    LB position is the least concern for me because Kolasinac is very good in attacking and Monreal is still around, but CB position is a bit worrying because we don’t have a dominant CB

    Deep-lying playmaker position is also weak in my opinion. If Ceballos can play better than Xhaka, great. Otherwise we would struggle to control the away games again

    1. Pepe and Dani will help ball recovery with Xhaka/Torreira. I wish to see Torreira in all important games. We need energy in midfield, and even Auba helps. We definitely need 1 good CB who is better than what we have. I am not hoping for VVD level, or Umtiti level. But with 30-40mil we should be able to get better than Mustafi, and sell Mustafi+Elneney to fund the move.

      1. I don’t see us spending big on CB this season. Maybe an experienced stopgap CB before Saliba comes. Especially if mustafi leaves.

    2. gotanidea
      LB position is a big concern and so is the who back four set up
      Kolasinac is not good enough going forward as his final ball is so poor and the wasted chances are frustrating
      as for him defending he hasnt the ability. dont get me wrong i want him in the squad but not as a starter.
      as for monreal. great squad player but we shouldn’t have to consider him our no.1 choice.his best days are behind him.
      there still days to go before the window shuts so anything can happen

    3. Kolasinac is okay attacking, no very good. His final balls is erratic at best. Bellerin’s attacking, that was good before getting injured.

  2. Never rated Rose, respect the fact he came out and spoke about mental health and depression…etc… but as a player he was a good squad player at best.

  3. Something both Spurs and Arsenal fans can agree on! Danny Mills is a complete and utter waste of space as a pundit. Just a cursory look at the photo above and you can see he is as ‘thick as two short planks’, which explains 95% of the drivel that comes out of his mouth.

  4. “Danny Mills has never had a credible reputation….” Period!

    (I didn’t need to read any further but kudos to the author for the article)

  5. Hate to say it but I think Mills has a point. Monreal is not lasting the season at left back and while Kolasinac is my hero he’s not able to play left back and was one of the reasons we had to play a back 3 last season. Hope we get Tierney but we could do worse than Rose if it falls through. I want Cisse in at CB 6’6 and a menace for Olympionakos. Can’t see any better options and getting close to deadline. Take Alves for a season too, again could do worse.

    1. I watched all of Cisse’s games last year and trust me, he is as error prone as Mustafi.. So, let him stay where he is..

  6. Tierney is coming I’m sure of that also Carlos ancelloti has said he was never for Tierney because he has already 2 very good left backs,this guy has no clue,he hasn’t realised that Emery is going for younger players on top of that knowing Levi Rose even though older would cost us more,plus the arsenal/spuds thing,the guy is clueless!

  7. “This is purely an attempt by a low-level pundit to try to be relevant” Once you realise how stupid one pundit is you realise how stupid they all are. Even Gary Neville, the most heralded pundit in England, was an absolute joke of a manager and showed how these pundits who so love to ridicule managers and players from the comfort of their studio can only ever hope to sound even vaguely informed when they have the gift of hindsight.

  8. Why bother listening to so called pundits. I’m sure they are told by the television company to say something controversial, even if they don’t believe it, because they think it makes for better viewing. Well, it doesn’t. Me personally, I never watch the pre match talk or the after match talk from these pundits because of so much drivel they talk about.

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