Pundit raises a number of issues that Arsenal need to sort out

Arsenal has struggled for much of this season and that is one reason why they are set to have their lowest league finish in over 20 years.

The Gunners started their season poorly, despite spending over £100 million in the last transfer window.

They had to fire Unai Emery late last year after their poor start to the season and made Mikel Arteta the new permanent manager.

The Spaniard has brought about a number of positive changes at the Emirates, with the Gunners now looking more like a team with an identity.

However, there are still issues at the club that need to be sorted and some of them have been highlighted by Jamie Redknapp.

The pundit talked about the Gunners sorting out their Mesut Ozil situation, Aubameyang’s contract and their defence.

He urged them to throw money at their problems and get them sorted so that they can become a top team again.

Redknapp said as quoted by the Sun: “They are way off the top four. One issue he has to deal with is Mesut Ozil, he’ll be off this summer I’m sure.

“He is on an awful lot of money, if you feel the player isn’t right then you have to bite the bullet and let them go.

“Auba (Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang) you need to get him a new contract, don’t want to get in another situation.

“Players like him are hard to find. I like Arteta. I look at that Arsenal back line, they will make mistakes. They need to throw money at the problem.

“He wants to play with better players, he will want to know who is coming in, yeah he gets on with his mate (Alexandre) Lacazette and he speaks highly of (Bukayo) Saka, he is ambitious and he wants to look at the players coming in.

“He is coming to the twilight of his career, he’ll be saying right I want to win something.

“Another problem they have got is (Dani) Ceballos, I really like him, will they get him back? Credit Arteta, when he first came he looked silky. If you lose him and Auba then you have problems.

“The board have to act, I’m not surprised with that plane, you have to back this manager. If you believe this is the right man, you have to back him.

“Arsenal is a huge club, players want to be in London, playing for clubs like this, but they have to see they are ambitious, they want to win things because right now they are behind the top four.”

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  1. I like the remarks but can the Arsenal hirarchy really surport what Rednap said .

  2. OT.. Omg West Ham have a penalty at Old Trafford 😱😱😱 Bet Fergie’s livid 🤣 Antonio!!!

  3. What a shame he wasn’t around to offer his dad this kind of advice at the time ‘arry was managing the spuds.

    Everything he says is obvious to everyone and his aunt, I would suggest and I love the way he wants to spend kronkies money as if it’s such a easy thing to do – I look forward to seeing him managing a premier league club, as it seems so easy.

    Oh I forgot, he’s a pundit – a self appointed expert, as described in the Colllins dictionary!!!!!!!!

  4. The Kronke Family are not football lovers and you cannot own a business you don’t love. We are suppose to get all our problems sorted now before the end of the season. Chelsea has brought in two players already and are still looking to bring in more. What are we waiting for? to allow Auba to go first???? to Allow Partey to get a new contract in Atletico ? Or allow Ceballos to go back to Madrid ? What about our defense we think is all good and sorted now just because we did some couple of clean shit? Now that we can finally have some good air that we got a good coach in Arteta, the board is acting like they are blind and deaf.

  5. So, what did Redknapp actually say.
    Keep Auba, and lose Ozil.
    Amazing, and I bet he earns a fortune for this “stating the bleeding obvious”.

    However, as the real pundits say, your final league position doesn’t lie.
    Arsenal have a middle of the Table squad.

    I think goalkeeper is okay.
    I think we are okay at both fall back spots (unless we play 3 at the back) then those full backs become very average wing backs.
    We have at least 8 Center Backs on the books. I only hope Saliba turns out to be a good buy. I would get rid of at least 5 of the rest, and try to use any money from these sales to bring a solid young partner for Saliba.
    Our midfield could be classed as a Disaster zone, particularly defensively. This is where I think the real money must be spent this summer.
    As for the forward line. If Auba goes, we will still be a middle of the table team, despite any other changes we make.
    So, I echo Mr Redknapp, Ozil out (and I Like Ozil), Auba stays!!

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