Pundit reacts negatively to Havertz performance against Man Utd

Despite scoring a goal in a pre-season match, Kai Havertz’s overall performance has disappointed Arsenal fans. Mikel Arteta has been giving the German player numerous opportunities to adapt to the team’s playing style, and it is evident that the manager has a specific role in mind for him.

However, Havertz has failed to make a strong impression so far and has yet to prove himself as a valuable asset for Arsenal. His current performances are not helping his case, and he needs to step up his game to demonstrate that he is worthy of being part of the team.

In the match against Manchester United, in which Arsenal suffered a 2-0 defeat, Havertz was given another chance to showcase his abilities and potential contribution to the Gunners. Unfortunately, he struggled throughout the game, and according to pundit Ben Thornley, he was notably absent at the start of the match, which persisted for much of the game.

Thornley said on the Manchester United live broadcast of the game about Havertz:

“I have to say, as much as we haven’t mentioned [Alejandro] Garnacho, we haven’t mentioned Kai Havertz either. 

“In fact, I forgot he was even on the pitch for Arsenal, he’s been anonymous in these opening 18, 19 minutes.”

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Havertz is not a popular signing and the last thing he wants is to not deliver on the considerable promise Arteta believes he comes with.

He has more than enough time and we expect him to get better as time goes on, especially when competitive action returns.

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  1. He brings no tactical advantage to arsenal either in terms of pressing to win the ball back or launching an attack. He looks too slow and rather timid in his forward play. When arsenal should have gone for madisson. With him in the side against quality opposition, Arsenal’s midfield will be outgunned. The DM will be asked to cover to much ground left exposed by harvetz’s wandering off mode. With partey usually unfit through out the season due to needless injuries, jorginho is not a reliable dm hence rice will be asked to do too much alone. We are in for a rather interesting season. Let’s see how the opening weeks of the season pans out. Can’t read too much in friendlies anyway

  2. Didn’t expect Havertz to be a focal point or banging in goals this early, a bit premature and harsh.

    However, intensity, pressing and closing down opponents and winning the ball back don’t require 55 games to get bedded in the team.

    Disappointed while watching him against Utd when he didn’t close Bruno down when he scored the goal for Utd.

    Also didn’t see a lot of fight or intensity either, which has no bearing on being in a new side or new teammates.

    Didn’t see much fight from his teammates either to be fair, as the whole squad was second best all match. Definitely things to address in Arteta’s tactics and selections as well as player performance.

    Let’s see how Arteta and the lads respond against Barca. We go again

  3. The fact that we fans have no idea what arteta intends to do with havertz speaks volume, it’s better he keeps it under wraps if he thinks revealing it to the public in a friendly is like revealing the combination to his AmEx.let the mind games begin!!!

  4. People are still judging Harvertz on his Chelsea showing.

    He has played less than 2hours football at Arsenal with new team mates and new structure.

    He deserve our love and support as real fans not criticizing him just yet. I feel he will come good

    1. For sure, us fans getting on his case will not help him. For me, we unfortunately need to give him time. I am also hoping that Arteta knows a lot more about football than we do and that Havertz turns out to be a smart signing.

      Personally, I would have preferred Mason.

  5. “…Arteta has been giving the German player numerous opportunities to adapt to the teams playing style…” & he’s yet to impress.
    3 matches to adapt to a new “specific role” in a new system…get real.

    1. Not even 3 matches. I think the 55 games Arteta mentioned is nonsense, but we should at least give him 10–15 games and if he doesn’t work out in the time we are at risk of missing top 4 IMO.

        1. @Jon it’s so pathetic you believe or understand the 55 games Arteta talked meant 55 competitive games. Could Kai have trained 55 times with Arsenal already? Maybe he needs to play more matches with his team mates to gel or blend, that what Arteta meants probably.

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