Pundit reckons Arsenal man is playing his way to a new deal

Danny Mills reckons Alexandre Lacazette could yet be given a new Arsenal deal.

The striker has entered the last few months of his current contract at the club and has gotten a lot of playing time recently.

The Gunners have banished Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from their first team and have also stripped him of their captaincy.

In his absence, Lacazette has worn the armband and has contributed to the Gunners’ return to form in recent weeks.

Former Premier League star, Mills believes the attacker might now be given a new Arsenal deal as the club looks to sell Aubameyang.

He claims sometimes people’s future can change under certain circumstances and that could be the case for the former Lyon striker.

“He’s maybe looking at it now and thinking ‘The Aubameyang situation, he could be going and we don’t really have another striker’. Maybe that’s given him a bit of a boost and a bit of a lift.” He tells Football Insider.

“He might be thinking ‘This a great opportunity, maybe I can stay and be part of Arteta’s plans’.

“It’s just how it happens sometimes. It’s not fallen lucky but he’s got an opportunity and at the moment, he’s grasping it.”

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Lacazette has hardly been prolific since he has been at Arsenal.

However, he remains a key influence on the club’s young attackers and has enough experience to help them become better players.

Aubameyang still has over a year left on his current deal and should have been the one to help the club’s youngsters.

But his poor disciplinary record might force Arsenal to keep Lacazette at the Emirates instead.

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    1. No doubt DK…it would be incredibly unwise and short-sighted to rely too heavily on this relatively brief purple patch when it comes to evaluating his future viability, considering his rather underwhelming tenure here…the far savvier move would be to identify and aggressively pursue a younger, more clinical replacement, who has exhibited those particular traits you most admire in our diminutive French CF

      1. Agreed mate
        Imperative we get this next one right and maybe just maybe if we make a statement in getting in top class CF we might actually start to make some proper progress not this fan made progress that as been blown out of proportion to defend a poor management appointment so far ..

        1. Cheers DK…I do believe the manner in which we, as an organization, address this specific position will be of seminal importance when it comes to our ability or inability to properly progress

          many on here have propagated the misplaced notion that Laca doesn’t need to be a proficient scorer for us to move up the charts…I find that presumption incredibly disconcerting, as very few teams have achieved greatness without having a Striker/CF who was their top producer

          we’ve seen this at Pool, but Saka and Marts, albeit both have bags of potential, aren’t Salah/Mane, at least not at this juncture

          we’ve seen this at City, although I felt them to be most dangerous when Aguero was scoring for fun, but it’s not like they haven’t had 5, 6 or even 7 players who have flirted with double-digit production in those seasons where they didn’t have a definitive Striker option

          we’ve even seem this with Juve, when Ronaldo was still plying his trade out wide and they didn’t expect buckets of goals by whomever was up top on any given night, but we’re talking about a team who had one of the most prolific goal-scoring machines ever

          as such, it might not be an impossibility, but why would we put all our eggs into a plan less travelled, instead of relying on a far more logical course of action, which has served us exceptionally well historically-speaking

          so from a simple and believable standpoint we need to bring in a clinical finisher to both properly redress our scoring woes under MA, minus our most recent uptick against some lesser lights, and to force opposing defences to play us more honestly so that Saka and Marts can eat too, without facing seemingly constant double-teams in and around the box

          1. I share your views on the importance of the signing of a quality C.F to ease the burden on our talented young wingers.The dilemma, as I see it, surrounds the future of Auba, Lacca, and Nketiah and which of the three Arteta trusts to be the main back up for any new CF.I certainly don’t blame Nketiah for seeking new pastures which is ironic in that he has really made an impression during his brief appearances.As it is ,it would appear that Lacca may be offered an extension , if only as back up, but I very much doubt if a new striker will be brought in during the current transfer window.The acquisition of a quality DM is to me equally as important as a CF, as it could lead to the transfer of Xhaka at the end of the season.

  1. All valid comments – especially RVL’s comments about finding a younger version of Laca. Regardless of my admiration of Laca he has historically a streak player, so it won’t last forever. Toss in the natural deterioration over time, his relatively high wages and the lack of centre-forward goals even before he became a false 9 and it makes sense to let him go.
    Surely the formula and scouting system used so successfully in the Summer can be effective again here? The team functions best with a false 9 so do we need a CF, which Laca certainly is not now?
    Vlahovic may be prolific but I can’t see him in this role. Plus deals with Serbian agents are notoriously expensive and dodgy, as is “ownership”. I can’t believe we will pursue it.
    Isak’s game is much more rounded and suited to us plus his salary would be lower, but he peaked in the Euros and hasn’t shown as much since. As stated, physically he could struggle here short term and I wouldn’t expect much back quickly.
    Calvert-Lewin: over priced, injury prone, poor control. Works hard and great in the air but too many negatives.
    Or as last year are there names we don’t hear about who fit the profile and will suddenly be unveiled as a done deal. And that’s what I suspect will happen here…

  2. I think your right concerning CL and personally I prefer Watkins.Without having seen players in leagues abroad on a regular basis, it’s difficult to make a meaningful assessment and seeing them occasionally in internationals can be misleading.Watkins to me is a very good all round C.F but the chances of our buying him are slim particularly with Gerrard at the helm at Villa.

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