Pundit reckons Arsenal will battle it out with Leicester City for sixth

There has always been a lot of negativity from pundits about Arsenal and it is unlikely to get any more positive if the latest comments from some of them are anything to go by.

TalkSport’s Tony Cascarino has really gone for the jugular and not only predicts that Arsenal will fail to make the top-four but will have a battle on their hands to see off Leicester City for sixth place.

“I think Manchester United will make the top four. I do. Cascarino said,

“They’ll get better as the season goes on.

“I think Leicester will make the top six, but breaking in is a massive ask. And Everton will be a really good home team but I’m not sure they’ll pick up enough points on the road.

“It’ll be between Leicester and Arsenal for who will make the top six.

“I certainly don’t think Arsenal will make it [in the top four], I think Chelsea will finish above them.

“Chelsea have still got so many good players and if they get [Antonio] Rudiger back and [N’Golo] Kante in the team I think Chelsea are a very different side.”

There are so many flaws in what Cascarino has said that I really do not know where to start and I have to ask myself, what is the point?

Pundits really do have a myopic view of Arsenal but what gets me the most is their hypocrisy, take Paul Merson as an example. Before the Tottenham game, he was predicting a 4-1 win for the Gunners, after the game he goes into meltdown criticising almost every player and calling into question Uani Emery’s competence.

Cascarino is no better, but the more they go negative the more satisfying it will be when Arsenal prove them aall wrong, as I am certain they will do this season.


  1. How about that supercomputer’s prediction on Arsenal’s final position at the end of this season? It predicted two big matches correctly and I’m afraid it considered Emery’s tendencies in big away matches

    If Emery and his coaches don’t change their approaches after the break, I’m worried those pundits’ predictions could come true

    1. Relax, don’t sound like this pundits what is our problem is we talk less with our head and join the bandwagon like we don’t have a mind of our own if after playing the matches we have played those pundits think Chelsea,United and spurs will finish above us so what its their opinion. Don’t forget the same spurs drew 2:2 at etihad.

  2. Please predict for me the lottery numbers too! Its only 4 games in the league and these so called pundits seem to have have nothing more to talk about other than negativity towards Arsenal!
    Some of them have never even managed a five-a-side beach football team!
    Be objective and not biased in your analysis.

    1. The predicted we wouldn’t make top 4 last season at the time we went unbeaten and I was one of those who didn’t believe I was going to put money if not for the fact that I don’t bet. From what UE has done in our 3rd and 4th matches, I’m sorry I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  3. We’ve lost our ego as a football club (Arsenal).. Emery style of football is what I don’t understand and i didn’t join Arsenal because of the parking the bus style of football,we gathered huge fan base because of our orchestrated style of football….is time to move on Emery can’t change aka Spanish (Mourinho)

  4. If Emery doesn’t sort out the defence then we could be competing with Brighton Sheffield Utd And any other team fighting to stay up.FFS-we have some very good players at this Club.Just get them into the team and sort out a pattern of play to suit our own game and let teams worry about us for a change.

  5. So we don’t lose any pts vs small team while man u, spurs, Chelsea all drop pts vs small teams especially at home where its essential to get Max pts vs non big 6 team. Yet we are the weakest side.

    This is further proof of pundit obvious bias against us. Imagine if we lost pts in 3 consecutive games vs small team like man u or got our ass handed to us like Chelsea or lost at home to newcastle. We are playing without 1st choice RB LB CB who should return end Sept early Oct.

    1. 1st choice RB, who I realyl rate, but some on here don’t, 1st choice LB untested in the Prem and by CB I presume you mean Holding, who I also rate but by the time they’re back we could be mid table.

  6. I think Cascarino is talking sense actually. Emery’s competence is being called into question everyday on here and rightly so. He sets up defensively without having a defence to do so. Everton and Leicester are real threats this year and even Palace are above us at present!
    Yes, we are just 4 games into the new season and have played 2 of the best teams early on but his insistence on playing Xhaka and setting up the midfield as he did against spurs, doesn’t bode well with me. Us getting into the top 4 this year is not a given. We all need to be a little more realistic with our expectations but obviously not with our wishes and hopes.

    1. Spot on Declan-Top 4 is not a given this season.Especially with a Manager who has set up defensively at home in a game we should have won.Bellerin and Holding will immediately improve us and Tierney will be an upgrade on anything we have had as a left back since Ashley Cole so it will improve but it’s the midfield where we need the creativity to get the best of PAL.

  7. Until Emery sorts out his formation and team selection, then we will finish outside the top six, the last two games have seen absurd with his failed team and formation, and the icing on the cake, the fool Xhaka as captain. playing a top front three with no play maker was pathetic, leaving Cabellos and Ozil on the bench was asking for trouble. I am not convinced by Emery at the moment as the end of last season really did expose him, and the same mistakes are still being made in defence, look at the clown Sokratis, hopeless in defence. We still have a long way to go

  8. PUNDITS? Ten a penny, who make predictions and then, when they get it wrong, blame the players rather than themselves (aka mighty merson!!!).

    Most of us on here make more sense than these “experts” and the collins dictionary sums the word pundit up superbly…a self appointed expert…that’s all of us for sure!!!!

  9. Listening to the idiot Cascarino trying to sound intelligent is one of the most comical things on Talk Sport.
    As for Merson, well he is even worse.

  10. I’ll take Ozil if that has to keep Xhaka out.At least Ozil does nothing defensively, so nothing can go wrong.Like unwanted penalties and free kicks and back passes. With lucas and Guendozi, Cabellos or Ozil and PLA upfront we are an attacking side going for goals.I was never optimistic of winning the NLD and Unai proved me right.

  11. I think at the very worst case scenario we will not compete with anyone for 6th. I think we will win 6th with a healthy margin over 7th.

    The best we can do is 3Rd although finishing ahead of Spuds will be very very tough

    I think we will be fighting Chelsea and United for 4th, 5th, 6th
    Will be a tough fight but 4th is Def possible

    I believe Liverpool will get 1st
    Manchester City will get 2nd
    Probably Spuds will get 3rd

  12. Emery is not arsenal quality,take it or leave it,I will always say it right from last season,even when we were going unbeaten I was still not convinced with the way we were winning those games.

    1. According to you, who is “Arsenal quality”, are they available and under what conditions would they take on the coach’s job?

  13. No matter what people tell me, I will always stick to my opinion that Emery is not the coach to move us to the promise land even if he finish 3rd.

    And mind you, having good players don’t determine you can be successful as coach and having not so good players don’t mean you will relegate.

    Ferguson(Good coach) last season has the worst players I can think of except 3/4 players(i remember cleverly been at the heart of there midfield)

    Valverde(Bad coach) has a good team but continued to be knocked off UCL when he appears to have already qualified(Roma 3-1, Livpl 3-0) Any average coach can win La liga with Messi.

    Allegri(good coach) won AC milan the league with what special player? Maybe Zlatan.

    Check all the coaches(Good or Bad) that has won the league and see if you can’t predict there line up.

    What my ranting is about is that, no one has ever predicted his line up right and he keeps failing has they come.
    Not until Emery stick to a pattern(with plan B ones in a while) no body we take our team seriously. Forgot he doesn’t have any.

    I’m praying everyday for him to prove me wrong but I’m getting tired of praying. We continue praying though

  14. If we can swap Xhaka for a proper DM and get a quality CB in January I’m confident we can finish above Spurs, Chelsea & Man U. Everything is not rosy in their camps, two inexperienced managers and one (Poch) who doesn’t appear too happy at the moment.

    We have two kamikaze players in Xhaka & Sokratis who are going to cost us a lot of points this season and will hopefully replaced in January. I haven’t mentioned the other one, Mustafi, who probably won’t get many games.

  15. In all honesty, what are Tony’s qualifications in coaching/managing a top flight or in fact any football team? What FA coaching badges does he hold?
    If he had any ability in these areas he would be earning more money coaching/managing a top flight football club, than what he earns as a pundit. As a pundit, I can’t particularly remember too many times he gets it right.

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