Pundit reckons he knows where Arsenal is lacking in the title race

Alex Crook has enjoyed watching Arsenal challenge Manchester City for the Premier League title, but he is worried their lack of depth will eventually catch up with them.

Mikel Arteta’s men have replaced Liverpool this season as the main challenger to City for the league title.

Currently, they are making it hard for the Citizens to take the top spot in the standings.

However, City seems better prepared to challenge for the league title than the Gunners.

Crook was speaking about their chances of winning the title and said on Talk Sport:

“My issue with Arsenal when it comes to challenging for the title is not just how good City are and how good Erling Haaland is, it’s the lack of squad depth. I think we saw that in the Europa League against PSV, they were poor.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Squad depth is important, but we have been in decent form for much of this season.

If we can maintain this level of performance and stay at the top of the league table by the January transfer window, we will be in a good position to win the title.

We could strengthen the weak part of our team in that window and give ourselves a better chance to win the title.

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  1. I agree with the squad depth. Midfield is very thing and surprisingly defense too. Zinchenko’s fitness level doesn’t seem very good, and then there’s Tierney who’s on the same boat with Zinc.

    Loved how Nelson stepped up but can he continue like that? Let’s hope so. We just have 4 matches to go, 9 matches before the January window opens. We can do this.

    Overall I think we need at least a midfielder in January..

    1. As far as the midfield is concerned, Arsenal should simply have gone for Bissouma before he moved to Spurs or Tielemens than going for Douglas Luiz whom they couldn’t get.

  2. Our chances will brighten when Gab Jesus becomes more of an Assists Creative and allow goal scoring to be less self-seeking. By his pattern of playing holding on too long on the ball, he loses his other teammates’ communication and cohesion, leading to a goal draft trend. Pepe suffered from the same pattern of play which led to his downfall.
    Inevitably that has opened the gulf between him and Haaland and justified his replacement.

    1. no no no, you cannot link Jesus and Pepe like that
      no way buddy.

      Pepe didnt do the hard yards and go backwards when needed to, much like Ozil in some ways

      Jesus works his arsenal off

      1. It’s good when most of your players track back! Init? Ozil wasn’t the problem same as Aubumeyang wasn’t the problem cus even lacazzet hardly scored five Goals all season last time. All in all! We can trade nketial, nelson, cedric, holding for decent price & we probably add some cash to it – we get our midfielder, df & cf. Then we should be good to go. Adding up to arteta again cus he has to be more with them playerz than his guts or egos… with m-niles, tavares, pepe coming back from loan at the end of the season, Arsenal should have an interesting/Positive squad depth come next season cus most def we buying in.

    2. I swear…you’ve said it all,, my problem with Gab Jesus has always been stiffling the chances he creates when he dribbles by over holding ball, he’s not a good out to put sticker, but he’s good in holding up and creating chances… Guess arteta and co advised him on that, his debut against Nottingham was the best I’ve seen him in arsenal’s Colour, not minding he wasted two goal scoring chances, I’m just contented that me gave the passes needed on time instead of over holding it. Which got us two goals.

    3. That’s very frank. Two major hurdles….. beating Chelsea and mancity away…… Then strengthen the midfield and stay injury tree.

  3. 2 signings will be minimum for us to keep some momentum in league, Europe and cup ties.
    Think a strong midfielder and winger.
    Torres and Gakpo.

  4. Gabriel Jesus literally gives up pretty decent shots on goal to pass, he assisted twice and created the Reiss Nelson chance in our last match, he presses like crazy and creates, he has deficiencies but not the ones you stated.

    1. Yeah! you right. He’s like a an advanced lacazzet, he’s an all round player & he much needed in the team but he’s having too much probs with scoring. He’s our main 9 & i don’t need to remind y’all “GOALS BRINGS POINT”

  5. Thanks, cook but no thanks. We have the youngest squad in this league, what we lose out in experience we gain in energy, stamina, motivation, and camaraderie. We can go for longer than the other teams, they are Panasonic, and we are Energizers 50% extra plus batteries

    We look covered at the back with White and Tomiyasu being versatile. We have good experience in midfield, with some younger guys itching. We have a dynamic 11, with a ferocious attack. We don’t need to add too many in one window, one or two might do the trick, so can we hang on til then, you bet your ass we can, we’re finally motivated

    1. You must be joking!AMN has flopped at Roma and Southampton and was bang average in the Championship with WBA.Because of the injury to Elneny, Lokonga has filled in for Partey as DM a position to which he is not suited, and never will be.He is a very skilful, cultured player who ought to be used in a more attacking role.

    2. Midfield and left wing with strong in my opinion.
      Martinelli can do a good job as jesus replacement if need be.

  6. If the club can spend 72,000,000 on Pepe few years ago.
    They can spend minimum 60 mil on a decent midfielder,
    in jan. or a centre back for cover ?

    1. Arsenal ‘s lack of depth is being given by Pundits as the reason they think Arsenal can’t challenge for the title, it has to be noted however that Arsenal with a third of the matches played have shown that they are capable of challenging for the title, they are still ahead of City albeit with two points and way ahead of the rest of the chasing pack, it will be naive for anyone to rule Arsenal out of the title race at this point.

      1. To make us more stronger and competitive, we need Rice, telesman mudryck, Torres and ndicka.

        This addition will stand us chance of winning the league and champion league next season.

  7. We need depth no doubt,but I suggest Edu and Arteta should go for experience this time around. This is because we already have gluts of young players in our ranks.
    An experienced central defender and a defensive midfielder will add the needed depth and enable us challenge for the title.
    And just like someone suggested,Jesus should not be to eager to score,if the goal is not coming. So also Odeergard,he should try and shoot instead of trying to control and pass. I noticed that he’s always in a position to shoot most times but instead he likes to control the ball and pass,which sometimes rob us of a goal he should have scored.
    However,I commend the lads for their collective efforts in keeping our hope alive.
    Who says we cannot win the title.

  8. We should get at least 3 new players in the the january transfer. I reckon we get frankie de jong, Danilo, and N’Dicka.

  9. It’s annoying when people point out how poor Arsenal was against PSV while praising City, I’m not saying we are better than City but let me burst your bubble, Arsenal has dropped just 3 points in Europa this season while the so called great City dropped 4 points in UCL, how good was City against a depleted Danish team Copenhagen? I’d appreciate reinforcement in January but so far we ain’t doing badly as a team cheers!

  10. 1. We do have an experienced cover in midfield – Mo (not Parteyish), never extravagant but does his job quietly).
    2. Versatility in defence covers for numbers.
    All I feel we need is a good striker that can double as a winger and we are good to go

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