Pundit reckons Mikel Arteta is not the man to make Arsenal great again

Former Liverpool star, Stan Collymore doesn’t believe Mikel Arteta has what it takes to make Arsenal a top club again.

The Gunners have been rebuilding their squad with the Spaniard in charge over the last two seasons.

Although they had done poorly when Unai Emery was the manager, it is hard to see any significant improvement under Arteta.

The Gunners look set to give Arteta more time in the dugout even though he is not as accomplished as Emery, whom they fired after 18 months.

As Arsenal faces Tottenham in the North London Derby today, Collymore compared the managers of both clubs.

He believes Nuno Espirito Santo will deliver if he is given the right support at Tottenham, but he doesn’t think the same of Arteta.

He reckons the Spaniard is trying to play a style of football that his players cannot execute.

He needs better players to implement his style to perfection, but without Champions League football, he cannot attract them.

He wrote in his column in The Mirror: “Down the road at Arsenal, I just don’t see them getting back there while Mikel Arteta is in charge.

“He is a coach who wants to play out from the back and through the lines – but without players who are capable of doing it against the better sides.

“Even sometimes against teams who aren’t so good. He isn’t a manager whose formula and way of playing is conducive to attracting anything other than B-list players and, without Champions League football, the club can’t even attract them.

“As a result, things just aren’t going to change while he is there.

“Which means that, when he does go, Arsenal will face their most important decision since the appointment of Arsene Wenger back in 1996.

“Unless they bring in an A-lister such as Diego Simeone or Antonio Conte, then they are going to stay stuck in their current rut.”

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  1. Give him until Christmas people! I’ve been saying it for sometime here. Unless we go on a losing streak the club are not firing him, they want him to succeed. And so should all of us. We’ve seen over the years managers have terrible start to managerial roles and turn it around in time. His time is short but we have no choice. The club are behind him so are we gonna continually shit on the team and the manager while there trying to get into a better position and place? I for one have not like a lot of his decision and what he has done but there are some positives that we have to take into consideration. I understand some have to get there frustration off there chest but let’s try to be positive for the sake of the club. When players, manager back room staff and owners leave the club still remains…

  2. Well I’m glad someone can identify a style of football coz I can’t … and whatever he thinks it is it’s not something he learnt at city as we look nothing remotely like them

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