Pundit reckons potential new Premier League broadcast deal will not favour Arsenal

Kieran Maguire reckons that Arsenal will suffer financially if the current TV rights deal negotiations stalls and go to the free market.

The BBC reports that the Premier League is looking to extend the current TV rights deal instead of holding a new auction.

Maguire believes that would be the perfect option for Arsenal because the Gunners will have certainty over their income from TV.

However, he says should it go to the free market like the idea of broadcasting games in-house, it would end badly for the Gunners financially because that doesn’t offer any form of certainty.

The Premier League is looking to guard against the drop in value of the broadcasting rights, considering how money has been a problem for companies around the world because of the coronavirus pandemic.

If the current deal is extended, Arsenal can better plan for their future and can have some certainty about the money they will receive from TV.

Maguire told Football Insider: “This new model makes sense from the perspective of the Premier League because it gives them certainty.

“However, I think the broadcasters might want to pay a little bit less.

“The French TV deal has collapsed. There are concerns about the value of Germany and Italy’s deals falling.

“They’ve always said they want to pay at a broadly similar rate. So there could be a bit of a hair cut in terms of what they are prepared to pay.

“That would lead to Arsenal receiving a smaller slice of the overall pot.

“There was some talk of the Premier League taking the TV or streaming in-house. But there was no confidence in that because who’s going to negotiate it at the moment?

“Nobody trusts anybody at the moment.”

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  1. Refusing Super League was an utter stupidity….We’r now complaining about lack of funds…..We should be careful for what we wish

      1. REFUSING something that brings you money is plainly and simply foolish….If you fail to see thé truth then you’r stuck with demagogy and populism…

        1. So is money the be all and end all?
          I fail to see how the proposed formation of a European super league could benefit Arsenal in any shape or form. It was a ghastly idea that would jeopardise English football. Fine if you’re brought up on a diet of popcorn and Razzmatazz but I look at our national sport entirely differently

        2. So you could do anything for Money? Turn around to your convictions, killing people, stealing, etc? Woooaw
          Super league is a show, Is not football, Is theatre…and most important, Is all about arsenal dont mean. If you can’t understand that go and watch WWE on netflix

          1. Lugdush
            Who SL has nothing to do with killing or stealing anyone…It’s an NBA-like competition for the elite of european football(thanks God we’r still considered one of theme!!!!)who are making the beautiful game entretaining and Worth seeing…Other clubs ,with all due respect,are making audience and,therfore, money thanks to the “dirty dozen”

        3. Professional football are run by millions of dollar in operation cost

          Merchandising and stadium ticket sale alone cannot maintain the club operating cost

          Take the big 6 out of PL ….PL will be lucky to to get even 1 billion out of the current 12 billion TV rights


      People who want the Superleague to happen, given that it will immensely harm football, are themselves stupid, immoral and selfish!

      1. Wanting your club to go forward isn’t selfish nor greedy….People are seeing PL aroud the world thanks to the Big Six not Shiefield or West Brom.Therfore its fully justified to do something that guarntee more deserved income for those who are making the success of english football.We should be ruthless and pragmatic …..

        1. @Pires- the ESL will happen in one form or another very soon. If Arsenal are not part of the new format then we will simply sink further into mediocrity than we are now

        2. As always, dog eat dog mentality, survival of the fittest and to hell with the COMMON WEAL.
          If the roots of the plant aren’t nourished, the leaves and branches die and it bears no fruit.

      2. How did ESL harm football?

        the PL alone makes billions, the same can be said to Champ league….

        Millions of dollar in wages and fees

        who is going to pay for it?

        A billionaire owner?

        He/she can easily lose his entire fortune in just a few seasons of paying the operating cost….

  2. Pires , you are entitled to your opinion but in the matter of the creation of a Super League which is morally offensive and elitist, you are in the minority thank goodness.

    1. Like this we ‘ill not progress as a club….What is beyond me is that fans whines about spending money and in the same time are against what allow a greater revenus…Our economic ignorance is hammering the club

  3. Pires, I prefer the cold night in Stoke surrounded by real people to the NBL show time you are proposing. The idea of quarters, time outs, sickening cheer leaders, synchronised chanting, games that finish 8-5 and all the other Razzamadaz sounds like hell.

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