Pundit reckons that Arsenal star man is now in decline

Former Aston Villa man, Gabby Agbonlahor has aimed a dig at Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and claims the Arsenal man is regressing.

Aubameyang has been the club’s captain since 2019 and has been its highest earner since last season.

His new mega-money deal coincided with a drop in form and has left Arsenal needing other players to contribute with the goals for the team.

Auba remains one of the first names on the Arsenal team-sheet and plays ahead of other strikers at the club.

However, Agbonlahor believes he isn’t getting any better, rather his performances are becoming worse.

Speaking about Arsenal’s decision on Alexandre Lacazette, Agbonlahor told Football Insider: “I would try and keep him for now.

“They haven’t really got any options up there. Gabriel Martinelli comes in and does well but he’s not really consistent. Aubameyang looks like he is going backwards.

“I’d keep Lacazette as an option, definitely. Maybe a short-term contract, like an extra year. Definitely keep him.”

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We don’t expect Auba to play football forever, and this is probably his last big deal as a footballer.

The striker has contributed enough to the Gunners so far and it is time for us to look for his long-term replacement.

He remains a more guaranteed goal-scorer than Lacazette is, and we still need him for the rest of his current deal.

However, if we sign a top striker like Dusan Vlahovic in the summer, then he could become an impact sub and just act as a mentor for our young strikers.

It would be interesting to see the striker that Mikel Arteta signs to replace him at the Emirates.

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  1. Is it a dig if it’s the truth?
    I don’t know why Arsenal fans think it’s an insult when some mentions how one of our players have declined.
    I’ve been having this same issue since the attack on Ozil days.
    No single player stays up the curve forever.
    It’s normal for footballers to decline at certain points and age.
    It’s just different for footballers.
    There’s no shame in any footballer declining, just as how I chose not to attack Ozil back then for dinner declining.
    I’m still doing the same thing now.
    Auba is declining, he can’t do everything he was doing before and he can’t be as effective as he was before.
    There’s no shame in that.
    Perhaps you guys don’t know it’s why big teams of prefer to sign young players for the future.
    Hazard has been on the decline since his injury after moving to Madrid.
    Is there any shame in that?

  2. Messi and Ronaldo are also in decline and the fact that the former won the Balandor shows just how meaningless that award is.

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