Pundit reveals the one problem that Mikel Arteta has to solve first as Arsenal boss

Mikel Arteta has to improve the culture at the Emirates first if he wants to succeed as Arsenal’s manager, according to Jamie Redknapp.

The Spaniard was named Arsenal’s manager last week after the team played six games under interim manager Freddie Ljungberg.

Arteta had been a member of Man City’s coaching staff as they won the last two Premier League and domestic cup titles, however, this is his first job as a manager and Redknapp has offered him a word of advice.

Redknapp claims that Arsenal’s culture is flawed and it has to be improved under the Spaniard, he used two events that have happened this season to show how easy it is for players to do whatever they like and get away with it at Arsenal.

Redknapp wrote about the incidence and the need for change in his column for Daily Mail.

He said: “Could you imagine Granit Xhaka doing what he did towards Arsenal fans, or Mesut Ozil kicking his gloves in anger, if Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp were in charge at Arsenal? No, me neither.

“Players get away with too much at that club and new manager Mikel Arteta has a culture problem to solve.

“Arteta talked about being ‘ruthless’ at his unveiling on Friday evening and that is what he has to be.”

Redknapp is correct, Arsenal does need a manager that can instil discipline and make the players accountable for their actions.

Hopefully, Arteta is the man that will get a grip on some of the ego’s running riot in the dressing room.


  1. Matty says:

    Redknapp’s just repeating what Arteta said he wanted to do in his first press conference…what an idiot…so many pundits who know everything despite not managing….

  2. Eddie says:

    “They were doing the rondos and quite a few of the Arsenal players were flicking it with a trick to elude the defender.”
    “Arteta stopped each time and said ‘you don’t do flicks like that during the match, so why are you doing them now.” – David Ornstein

    Coaching team named already, Tim Cahill my fooooking áss

  3. agu eman says:

    “the ego’s running riot in the dressing room”
    I don’t like blo@dy Rednappy but this time he’s right
    An Artezza gonna go in and sort them lazy barz#ards out. hic
    Don’t mind me Mate I’ve had a few mate… burp
    Is bout blo#dy time those arz*ols got read the riot act.
    I don care if it’s frieking Xmas eve drag em all out for a training session right now.
    Donal Trump walked and said “your fired” to all them useless people.
    Artezza gonna walk inta that dressing room and go “your all fired” burp…
    Yeah DonalTrump gonna make Merica great again MAGA hats everyone .
    Artezza gonna make Arznil great again so we all gozza have a MAGA hat.
    You hear me everyone, Artezza da man he goin make Arznil great again ..burp

    1. Aussie Jack says:


  4. Le Coq Monster says:

    Merry Christmas to evryone one on this site of great diversity.

    I am excited about next year when hopefully our new coach will have all the squad and any new additions all singing from the same hymn sheet and where we get top 4 again in the new season.
    I will be a grandad again and the gooner baby grow is already hanging in my wardrobe…………..could be a Mikel or a Mikella please god.
    This is my vision of a great new year, I call it my…….20 20 vision!………Do you know how many years I`ve waited to say that ! hahaha

  5. Aussie Jack says:

    Arteta`s job at Arsenal is to do what Klopp did at Liverpool “mould the players into the same `mindset`” so that they have the same ambitions and goals.

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