Pundit rips into Arsenal star calling him one of the two laziest players

Pundit Tony Cascarino slams Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, along with Mesut Ozil.

Arsenal has struggled for much of this season and their win over West Ham was a welcome sign of relief for both the players and the fans.

Several players at the club haven’t been pulling their weight, but one player who can’t be accused of that is Pierre Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gabonese attacker has come to the rescue of Arsenal on so many occasions and he has already scored 11 times in the league this season.

However, former Chelsea player Tony Cascarino doesn’t believe he is one of those with positive influence at the club.

He even believes that the Gabonese attacker is not a team player and insists that he is just as lazy as Mesut Ozil is.

“Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored last night but he really hurts Arsenal with his poor attitude,” he wrote for The Times per The Express.

“People talk about his goalscoring record – and it is indeed very good – but he needs to be a team player.

“Last night he was just letting opposing defenders head the ball away without even making a challenge.

“Along with Mesut Ozil, he is the laziest player in the side.

“His work ethic for a senior player is bordering on disgusting.

“Last week against Brighton & Hove Albion he remonstrated with Joe Willock, his young colleague, when he should be encouraging him.

“He would be the first one out of the club if it was up to me.”

That seems a little harsh to me, well on Aubameyang anyway. I can understand the comment about Ozil, that is true but Aubameyang?

Seems to me that Caascarino has some sort of agenda here, yes, Auba was well wrong for his treatment of Willock but putting him in the same bracket as Ozil for effort is just insulting in my opinion.


  1. “He would be the first one out of the club if it was up to me.”

    Well there’s a reason you ain’t in charge of the club you shîtface..
    No, there are multiple reasons.
    Everyone and their cats and dogs suddenly becomes vocal when it comes to attacking Arsenal players.
    This guy says too much shít, and I bet he would’ve gotten a serious beating if he was in any part of Africa

  2. Just like I said earlier this afternoon that Ancelotti will be leaving Napoli regardless of the result they get tonight and he’ll be heading to top the list of Arsenal. It’s just coming out to the media now that he’s been sacked.

    I don’t want him at Arsenal, the only issue now is that Arsenal board needs to convince him to accept it. Hopefully they fail at that.

    Chelsea will be out with force this January they’ll be going in full force for Nathan Ake and Ben Chilwell.

    1. Not in my top 5, but I would take him if we cannot get the likes of Poch, Simeone, or Allegri. He’s got successful experience of our league, great record across Europe, and is a massive upgrade on others that we’re being linked with: Arteta, Ljungberg, Vieira Ten Hag, etc.

      1. I don’t want him, a younger coach is really what we need now. Not some old guy the players won’t be able to approach. Did you see the love between our players and Freddie yesterday after the game? That’s exactly what I’ve been saying I wanted and I’ve been using Klopp as example. A young coach these guys can see as a friend and father at the sane time.
        I don’t recall when last we saw such love between our players and managers. When we bring in a coach that can bond with the players, They’ll play their hearts out for him.
        Ancelotti is finished, got sacked by Bayern and Napoli within the space of how many years? Just 2.
        No I don’t want him, I hope the board fails to convince him for the job.
        Look guys I know we’re scared about the inexperience of other coaches, but just give one time and support

        1. I hear what you’re saying about young coaches, but beggars can’t be choosers. Who is Arsenal to turn down names like Mourinho, Ancelotti, Benitez etc? We are not a top club anymore, and haven’t been for years.

          1. We can turn down all those “overused” coaches should Freddie grab the current opportunity with both hands.
            I am for young blood…
            Freddie, Vieira, Arteta

          2. Jo-Gunz

            Well Freddie hasn’t impressed so far. Vieira has done absolutely nothing at two clubs, and do you think Arteta will solve our defensive problems learning off Pep?

            Any appointment, as with any transfer, is a risk, but at differing levels. Names you have all mentioned are high risk appointments. I also don’t want ex-Arsenal greats messing up their legacies.

          3. Mourinho and Benitez COULD ‘fix our defence’.
            But Ancelotti is less adept at that than virtually any top manager.

            His Napoli have conceded 1.26 goals per game while Arsenal’s current season is 1.5 WHILE playing in a stronger league and not having Koulibaly and Manolas as defenders.

            Allegri and especially Conte are Italian managers that can fix defences. Ancelotti? Not so much. At least not anymore.

        2. Where was “the love” in the previous matches? These players need some hard discipline to get them out of their comfort zone.

  3. This is half delusional! Aubameyang may go missing at times, but that’s usually because he’s being forced to play out of position. His goal tally is outstanding, especially when we consider he’s on the LW a lot. Auba is extremely productive!

    Ozil on the other hand is one of the laziest players I have ever seen at any club! On top of that, he produces almost nothing! Does the bare minimum every time I see him. This guy is paid more than Maddison, de Bruyne, Silva x2, Wijnaldum, Jorginho, Eriksen, Moutinho, etc…

  4. Can someone explain to me why Mesut Ozil is continually picked by successive managers if he is so lazy? Or am I missing something?

    1. There are no other options, and remember UE did and some Ozil obsessed fan base were calling for him to be played. For me he’s added nothing since then, it’s sad but we’re stuck with him because no club wants him

      1. I recall UE dropping him last season citing all sorts of reasons of why he wasn’t in the team.Yet when results started to go pear shaped the first thing he did was call on Ozil to get him back in the team.
        I also recall UE did the same this season and soon realised we are are better team with him than without him.I also see Freddie picks him every match.Funny that.
        Against West Ham, I seem to recall it was Ozil who fed Kolasinac down the left to set up our equaliser.And Ozil again who drove forward with the ball before passing to Aubamayang prior to him scoring off Pepe’s pass. So for all those too blind and blinkered to see those moments perhaps they ought to look at the goals again.
        Now if any other playmaker in the PL had been responsible for initially setting up two goals they would be heralded.But because it’s Ozil they seem to “Cock a deaf’un”.
        This player has NEVER EVER changed his style of play.Is he a luxury player! Yes.Does he fit in with the style of play we have introduced over the last 2-3 seasons? Quite obviously not.But that says as much about the Coaching staff and management as it does about the player surely.

        1. Phil, it’s a worthless exercise, they’ve made up their minds and nothing is going to change their view.

          Some of them were criticising him even when he was on the sidelines under UE.

        2. Lol. Hey ozil fan boy. Which match were you watching? It was torriera who fed kolasinac for out first goal.

          You can love some player but not at the expense of the club you love.

          Both Ozil and xhaka are the most useless players at arsenal.

          Ozil fits in a club where they play fast counter attacks. Like liecester or mourinhos spurs.

          As far as xhaka is concerned he fits in at a club like fc basel. He doesnt deserve to play at any of the top 4 leagues in europe.

          Xhaka always seems to take that one extra touch before getting rid of the ball and 99 % of his passes are either to our CBs or full back who are sit behind the half way line. Just re-watch westham game. The goal is his fault he ducks down to avaid a collision with ogbonna. Thats not a one off incident. It has happened for more than 4times that even the commentators were pissed off that he doesnt put his life on line to protect the goal. And this is whom we had as a captain.

          For me all that is wrong with our poor form is because of xhaka. Every time we win the ball while we are defending the ball ends up at xhaka’s feet and he takes way too many touches before passing it back to wherr it came from, allowing the oppositiom to re-group and get back into formation and leave no spaces for our attackers to run into.

          I was so happy that he was thrown out of the team for his antics and hoped he would be sold in january.

        3. Phil, it’s the first decent Ozil has done since coming back in the team and even then, it was only for 10 minutes him and the rest of the team was actually good. He was dire first half. I don’t get why we have to go into long Ozil tangents whenever he is mentioned. He’s not the only player whose name is being thrown in the hat. And yeah the other option for Ozil is Ceballos who is injured, or Joe Willock. Ozil being better than Joe Willock isn’t really a bragging point

    2. Because ESR is injured. I don’t think he’ll as much as see the bench, once Emil is back.

  5. Does anybody really care what pundits like Cascarino has to say. He’s paid by whoever he works for to say anything controversial whether he believes it or not.

  6. He’s not wrong. pressing starts from the front and Auba and Ozil do none. Pepe has shown a little but more is still needed. It’s so easy to cut Arsenal open and it just looks like a bunch of individuals on a pitch.

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