Pundit says 20-year-old “will not feel loved at all” as he nears another Arsenal loan

Former Gunner Kevin Campbell isn’t happy with the way the club is treating French defender, William Saliba as he prepares to leave the Emirates on loan yet again.

The 20-year-old spent the second half of last season on loan at Nice and he was in impressive form for the French club.

He would have hoped to finally get his chance to play for the Gunners on his return to the club.

However, David Ornstein reported earlier in the month that he could return to France with Olympique Marseille for another loan spell.

Mikel Arteta remains unconvinced of his readiness to play for the Gunners and wants him to gain more first-team experience outside the Emirates.

Despite his fine form out on loan, Arsenal is still targeting a move for Ben White and signing the Englishman would push him further down the pecking order at the Emirates.

Campbell isn’t happy with how he is being treated by Arsenal and says the Gunners should at least give him a new long-term deal before he is sent out on loan.

“I would feel a lot more comfortable with this deal if he signed a new contract before he went,” he told Football Insider.

“This is his third season on loan now. He is still a very young man and to say he would be one of Arsenal’s first-choice centre-backs next season is perhaps pushing it but I would like to have seen him given a chance.

“A new deal would show him that he is a part of this club going forward.

“Instead, the loan move leaves more questions than answers. He will not feel loved at all.

“He is not even getting an opportunity to show what he can do in pre-season.”

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  1. There are so many rumours, that I am now beyond believing anything that it is reported until the club announce it as a done deal.

    So much has been written about Ben White being on the brink of signing only to read on JA that Brighton are rubbishing the reports. The same could quite easily apply to Saliba going off to Marseille. I am not saying he won’t go but I refuse to get aeriated over it until it happens.

    1. Agree with your points, SueP. I think the usual transfer window buzz, coupled with the Euros and spiced by the topsy turvy finances of many clubs due to COVID, has bought out more noises than usual. It would be sensible to, as you profess, to wait for any official communication from the club itself. Although we can certainly choose to take these rumours as entertainment, like Suarez or Benzema to Arsenal of the yester years 😁😁, the current predicament of our club kind of makes it difficult to do so.
      I for one hope MA, Edu and Garlick make mostly correct decisions and build the foundations for a succesful season.

    2. SueP
      Very reasonable opinion regarding transfers and rumors, and probably more than a grain of truth.

      I’m not immune from the anxiety of the transfer window, but any judgement should be withheld until the window closes.

      I think Tavares at LB and Lokonga at CM as backups are good business; young talented and profit on future sale.

      Auoar would be GREAT business for £20 – £25 million; not keen on the £100,000 in wages if rumor is true.

      I’d love to add Sanches to the midfield, and those 3 with Partey would be excellent upgrades and more in tune with an Arsenal midfield we all expect.

      Question if we need a new GK if Leno stays, seems we need other positions filled first. Besides, if we’re chasing Ramsdale and the West Brom keeper, that would be well over £50 million in GK.

      Only 1 can play, only domestic schedule, so seems waste of resources this Summer. Let’s finish in top 6 then club can shop for another solid GK.

      1. A reply to Sid and Durand

        We all get the jitters during the summer transfer window and fingers crossed that whatever is going on behind the scenes it is the start of the road to a better place (in the league and I don’t mean 7th!)

    3. SueP, if only the large majority of esp the younger fans on JA had your thinking ability, life experience and sensible attitude to what is going on at our club.

      Their constant vicious and uncalled for attacks against MA and EDU at EVERY OPPORTUNITY, are ridiculous, harmful to the club and show how pathetically unintelligent most of these self entitled “kids” really are. They may well be fans but no way are they SUPPORTERS.

      A large majority of their comments disgust me frankly, speaking as a life long supporter who knows what SUPPORTING entails.

      And constantly stabbing a manager who has been here just 19 months in the back is not civilised,not fair nor anything but cruel and vicious. It would not be so bad if they actually had unbiased reasons behind their jibes. But they do not! The sheer bias is tyrannical and stinks. So do they!

      1. Hmm, Jon.
        I wonder how long Emery was here before you started calling for his head. I believe it was less than 19 months.

        1. Actually Danny he was the last fan on this forum that stuck by Emery(very slow thinker ).
          But the reason wasn’t because he thought he was up to the job it was to try and be proven right about all his vile posts about Wenger and it’s still applys today with Arteta,but as it stands he was wrong once again on both counts .
          That’s the problem with slow thinking fans ,they can not see what is quite obviously right in front of their faces .

      2. Jon
        I was impressed by him initially, wobbled, regained confidence and wobbled again, before settling on October time to see if he has truly reflected on his 18 months at the club and matured into the role. When there were calls for Ancelotti and he jumped ship after a middling season at Everton I began to realise that Arteta could actually make it – even after that cringing performance in the EL semi final. There really are very few outstanding managers and they are already spoken for at top performing clubs

        Your support for him, and mine too, does not involve rose coloured specs. Of course it was difficult to accept the horrible loss to Villarreal. It has been a difficult time for a club that enjoyed years of CL football and for those young enough not to remember the leaner years, it is a shock to the system

        It’s not nice to read the levels of negativity about our manager. The board kept him on and theirs is the responsibility. I wouldn’t mind if we were 6 matches into the new season and the level of performance was lacking and the calls for Arteta to go escalated. I’d jump on board, but to harangue him daily is futile

  2. No one person can argue (except jon😂) that Saliba has been treated like no other player and it has been reported that he himself is happy that he isnt playing for AFC. Last season there were rumblings he caused the fact he wasn’t include in the Euro squad or premier league (which i have my doubts) but he most definitely has not this season. He isnt being treated like any other and that is a fact. WHY?

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