Pundit says Arsenal can still get their summer target for £50 million

Arsenal wanted to sign Douglas Luiz in the last transfer window and they pushed hard to secure a deadline-day move for the Brazilian.

However, Villa turned down all their offers and kept him with them for this campaign, even though he had an expiring contract.

It seemed he would run down his deal and leave the Midlands side as a free agent at the end of this season.

Instead, the former Manchester City man has signed a new contract at Villa Park, making it much harder for him to move now.

Former Villa man Gabby Agbonlahor believes the new deal does not stop the club from selling him. Instead, they will demand more money.

He tells Football Insider:

“It suits him and it suits Villa. They’ve got him tied down so they can’t lose him on the cheap.

“It might come to the summer when they decide to sell him and Arsenal have to pay more.

“Sometimes contracts can hide what is really going on. In the summer, Luiz might go but instead of £20million it might be £50million or £60million.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Luiz is one of EPL’s finest midfielders, and we would enjoy having him in our books.

However, the Brazilian is now more expensive than he would have cost us in the last transfer window.

Before we spend £50 million on him, we must be sure he is undoubtedly the cheapest option on our shopping list.

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  1. £50 million for Luiz?. LoL. That kind of money will get us an A level DM that can even keep Partey on the bench. The Luiz ship has sailed.

  2. No thanks! That one has passed,we can do a lot better now! Who wants relegation players! Greedy villa have blown it!

  3. No thanks. We can get better for that sum of money elsewhere. Let him stay there and sink with that sinking ship. It was a last minute deal because there was no other better available alternative at that time. Now we have all the time to look in the market.

  4. The fans are right, that ship has long sailed,

    Not sure he has ever worth that £25 mil in the first place and he surely has repaid his manager with the lost of his job.

    But now that our priorities is even clearer with influence stronger and time on our hands, this time he won’t be even considered

  5. Agree with all the people commenting above. 25 million more that fair, perhaps overpaying for him in the final year of his contract.

    Leaving in the Summer on a free, likely interest in his services as backup and depth.

    Reported 50 million or more? Absolute laugh, not interested at all in his average services and overpaying for that.

    I hope Arsenal look elsewhere and pass on Luiz. I agree we can get a top class DM for 50 million, instead of Luiz who is forgettable for that price.

    Villa and Luiz may have ruined any chance he had at moving in the Summer.

  6. I believe that this Agbonlahor guy has a personal vendetta against Arsenal.
    I blame him not but some of our own on here who give credence to his likes by importing to us the rubbish spewed by some of these pundits and news outlets.

  7. Arch dimwit Agbonlahor, for whom the term “pundit” is stretching a point, constantly talks nonsense, which is why he is such a laughing stock, even on his Talk Sport programme.
    Our penance is that JA is determined to foist upon us on here all his witterings and nonsense.

    But no serious fan takes any notice of anything he says. The laugable thought that Arsenal might be willing to pay £50 mill for such a middling talent as Luiz, is too daft for words. In other words, typical Agbonlahor!

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