Pundit says Arsenal has no problems selling Tierney at the right price

Amidst interest from Manchester City, Noel Whelan believes Arsenal will sell Kieran Tierney for the right price.

The left-back remains one of the finest players in his position in the Premier League.

However, he is injury-prone, and that has forced Arsenal to sign Nuno Tavares and Oleksandr Zinchenko in the last two summer transfer windows.

Zinchenko is now the club’s first choice, while Tavares is on loan at Olympique Marseille.

Some reports claim Manchester City is interested in the former Celtic man, but some Arsenal fans will feel he is a player their team cannot sell.

However, Whelan doesn’t agree with that and says the Gunners will cash in on him for the right price.

 “I don’t think there’d be any harm if Arsenal were to sell him,” Whelan told Football Insider.

“They’ve made it abundantly clear that Zinchenko is their first choice, hence why he started against Palace with Tierney on the bench.”

Adding: “If they can get the right price from City, then I guess it’s a no-brainer.

“They can set the price at whatever they want – and it’s a price you might not get for him next season.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Tierney is one of the best players in our squad, but the left-back is injury-prone, and that might cost him his place on our team in the long-term.

Zinchenko is a very good signing, and he has a good fitness record which means he will be fit to play lots of games for us this season.

If Tierney keeps struggling and Tavares does well on loan. He could replace the left-back on his return next season.

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  1. Its his opinion, I assume , though I have strong suspicion he is yet another who simply craves publicity by saying controversial and unpopular things. And for money lest we forget!
    My view is that MA has shown himself to be committed to two top class playes in every position and if Tierney were to leave, then we would have only Zinny, who may well be more played in midfield than LB anyway.

    Just my take. But I AM A LIFELONG TRUE FAN, whereas Whelan is simply publicity seeking and presumably gets paid to give his , ahem “true” views!

  2. 2 reasons Tierney will not be sold anytime soon .
    1- he cannot stay fit long enough for any potential buyer to Even think about putting a bid in for him .
    2- when fit he will be his one of the first players on the team sheet as defensively he is a lvl above Zinchenko who can be used further forward to hide his lack of pace .

    1. Man City, may test the water though DK. I agree with both your points and you dont sell your best players but City are desperate for a top left back. How desperate?

      1. Thing is Reggie they played 2 right backs last season and zinchenko was a bit part player .
        They have just signed a left back as well ,maybe one for the future and I believe pep said his transfer business was done in a press conference

  3. For a team that is building this sale just wouldn’t make no sense, just like Gabriel Magalhaes sale to the old lady

  4. “They’ve made it abundantly clear that Zinchenko is their first choice, hence why he started against Palace with Tierney on the bench.”

    Or maybe Tierney is being nursed back after injury

    “They can set the price at whatever they want”

    No we cannot

    1. Well spotted Nabilo – two diffent players (Tierney and Zinchenko) who will be used in the way MA feels the best way to benefit the club.

  5. Arsenal need their best players to be available to play. We have had some really great players that weren’t available to play, and I still feel sad when thinking about Abou Diaby.

    To make the next step we need a strong squad of available players. I hope Tierney can help us, but if he can’t we need other options. Fo too many years have we been an expensive hospital, now we need to be The Arsenal 🔴⚪️

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