Pundit says Arsenal only wants to face the best clubs like what the Super League offered

The financial expert Kieran Maguire believes top clubs like Arsenal will jump at the chance to scrap their matches against the less popular clubs if they can.

The Gunners remain one of Europe’s elite sides, and they agreed to join the European Super League last year when the competition was birthed.

Mikel Arteta’s side joined an effort that was a closed-shop, and mostly favours the traditionally top clubs making more money than UEFA pays them now.

The idea collapsed within two days, but it showed the big boys do not really like mixing it with the lesser known clubs, reckons Maguire.

He tells Football Insider:

“The big clubs such as Arsenal aren’t interested in playing small clubs. They want to play more lucrative fixtures. They want to organise their own friendly tournaments as well.

“If this means that clubs with ambition like Newcastle, Leeds, Villa and so on, this is of little interest to the people behind these proposals. They have little interest in football beyond being a means of generating income.”

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Football is a gigantic business, and the owner of the different clubs would want to make as much money as they can from owning the different teams.

Arsenal is no different. UEFA needs to pay the big boys more money to make them satisfied.

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  1. THIS IS UTTER BALDERDASH! The false idea that a now more REALISTIC KSE, ever since that rightful “kicking” all the would be ESL clubs got from their fans, would STILL want to ditch,wrongly so called “less popular clubs”, is for the birds.

    RARELY have I read such tosh from a supposedly intelligent football “financial expert”!

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