Pundit says Arsenal’s target has been so bad no position suits him now

Noel Whelan has appeared to send a warning to Arsenal over their interest in Marcus Rashford by claiming the attacker has no clearly defined role and struggles anywhere he plays.

Rashford has had an unbelievably bad season at United, and it might be his last campaign for them.

The striker will need to do better in the next few games to maintain his reputation and probably earn the right to remain at Old Trafford. 

But Arsenal is still interested in a move for him as they look to add new attackers to their squad by the summer.

Considering how good he has been before this campaign, you can understand why the Gunners will want to sign him.

However, the former Leeds United man, Whelan, believes he has been too poor in this campaign.

He tells Football Insider: “Right now, when I look at Marcus Rashford, he doesn’t look like a player that is going to complement anybody. It’s just been such a bad season at Man United.

“Where does he play? Is he a wide player, is he a centre-forward? The conversation was on Thursday night with Roy Keane and I think he’s absolutely right. I don’t know what he is.

“I’m not entirely sure where Rashford’s best position is. Right now, we’re not seeing the Rashford we saw two years ago. That’s the problem, he needs to get his mojo back.”

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Mikel Arteta prides himself on helping players get back to form, but he probably has to forget about a move for Rashford.

We need players that are doing well now because these individuals will take less time to get going since they are already playing and scoring goals regularly.

Rashford needs to spend another season at United and sort himself out before we think about adding him to our squad.

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  1. He could come alive in Barcelona, he’s along term target of theirs

    We should not touch this one not even with a long stick

  2. Rashford appears to have been infected with Dele Alli and Ozil disease- the ability to fall from previous great heights and become invisible and disappear without trace altogether. A wordy way of saying NOT A CHANCE for RASHFORD to come here.

  3. I’m not so sure he would be an awful addition on a financial investment level. If you work in the world of finance you try and buy low and sell high. This ‘could’ represent great value for money but admittedly a risk. One thing that would encourage me about Rashford is the sheer number of players that drop off a cliff performance wise at Utd. Perhaps it’s less to do with the skill of the players and more to do with the Club as a whole at the moment?

    1. The Singing Camel( interesting profile, btw!!) I would say that players with thecharacter and determination we need will not so easily and totally “drop off a cliff” , no matter what their team is doing.

      Most people who “drop off cliffs ” die and figuratively speaking, Rashford HAS died, in terms of any future career at top level.
      As for buying low and selling high, if we bought him now, that would doing exactly the opposite, I suggest to you.

      We have a well earned dismal reputation already for having done that for some years past and it needs to happen NO MORE

  4. Hi Jon,
    You could well be right. I feel we must get value for money as we don’t have unlimited funds like some of teams in the league. I do believe there is a player in Rashford, but like you, would be happier with a move on a more solid bet.

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