Pundit says Arteta deserves credit for the form of new signing

Leandro Trossard has exceeded expectations since he moved to Arsenal in the January transfer window as the Belgian continues to deliver when he steps on the pitch.

Mikel Arteta’s side needed reinforcements in January to keep their title hopes alive and added Trossard from Brighton.

Everyone knows he was only a Plan B after the club missed out on signing Mikhailo Mudryk and no one expected so much from the Belgian.

Trossard has thrived on not being under pressure and delivered. Now it seems he should have been Arsenal’s Plan A.

As he shines in London, Frank McAvennie believes Mikel Arteta deserves credit for the additions he has made to his squad.

He tells Football Insider:

 “The first thing he did was bring in two winners and the difference between somebody that has won something and somebody that has not is huge. You cannot buy the confidence of winning something.

“Then Trossard has come in and he is finding the players that are making the runs around him.

“There is no one they could have brought in that would have done any better. But credit has to go to the manager. “

Just Arsenal Opinion

Trossard has been a revelation and we can only imagine what could have happened if we had signed Mudryk instead of the Belgian.

Mudryk is struggling at Chelsea now, but Trossard has been in fine form at the Emirates and we hope he stays consistent for the rest of this season.

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  1. ‘There is no one that they could have brought in that would have done any better’

    Honestly I strongly agree with that line, he was a good player around inferior players now he’s surrounded by hungry and better players it’s only one way he was going to go, a path on a upward trajectory but the fact that he came in with a chip on his shoulders turns it into a lethal mix.

    It is for those reasons his motivation are different, if one scrutinize the kid he’s wind up and ready, his experience gives him the edges every time to the point some fans think he is even more effective than Jesus
    It’s like he has study the clip and realize just be unpredictable and lots of damage will be done,

    Playing under absolutely no pressure, he’s going to create more chaos in the final third, that am certain as night will turn to day.

    1. Gunsmoke, An incorrect interpretation of the ACTUAL meaning of that phrase” a chip on his shoulders”!

      What you then go on to describe is a hungry player, BUT NOT in any way a player with a so called “chip on his shoulders”!
      THAT PHRASE WHEN CORRECTLY USED, MEANS TO BEAR A GRUDGE, which is not the case here.

      I realise you are not British and that English is not your first language, so am merely trying to help you understand it correctly.

      1. Please note : He is surrounded by hungry and better players.

        Please note : He left Brighton with an angry attitude feeling he was unfairly treated.

        So he joined Arsenal with a chip on his shoulders.

        Thanks Jon, but read the comment again.

        1. Gunsmoke , I do not need to read your in incorrect use of Englisg again , as Englis is MY natural tongue and I understand it extremely well, unlike yourself.

          However I HAVE read it again as you suggested i do, and see exactly the same mistakew you made previously, though foolishly denied doing.
          Ther is NO evidence whatsoevr for your incorrrect claim that Trossard left with a so called and wrongly stated “chip on his shoulder”!

          What actually DID happen it that Arsenal made a formal offer for his transfer, which was accepted by his club and by him and so he came here.
          The only “CHIPS” he may have had since coming to us or before coming are ones he would be unlikely to wish to EAT, my confused friend!

  2. I am a die hard fan of arsenal, & am very happy that the club is performing under Arteta. I strongly believed Arsenal will be a premier league champion for this season. As for the next season, the club should be able to maintain its high standard with 1 or 2 players addition which will be determined by the excellent coach.
    The most outstanding players for this season, and i admire the skills and determination arsenal are:
    Saka, odegard, ZIncheko, Martinelli, Trodsard, Ramsdale.
    Hats off to Arteta & the team.

  3. I really wish Arteta could find a way to play him alongside Martineli Saka Jesus and Odegaard it will be a waste to have such an effective player on the bench coz Jesus will be back soon to him centre forward position

  4. Gunsmoke, your suggestion that Trossard was surrounded by”inferior players” at Brighton is not the case as demonstrated by the calibre of the football they play, and their current League position.

  5. When was Trossard ‘Plan B’?

    It has been well documented that we was in for Trossard before he went to Brighton and I don’t think the Mudryk transfer would have bared any semblance on Trossard coming or not.

    Anyway, he has been absolutely first class since joining and I will be interested in how he fits with a fully fit Jesus?

    Personally, I think he may keep Odegaard and Xhaka on their toes instead of Saka and Martinelli. But what a luxury to have a player than can play anywhere in the front 5.

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