Pundit says exciting attacker will ignore Arsenal’s interest

Former West Ham and Celtic star Frank McAvennie reckons that Saint Alain Maximin will not agree to a move to Arsenal from Newcastle United now.

The Frenchman is one of the most exciting attackers to watch, and he has been linked with a big-money move away from Saint James Park.

Arsenal could do with his talents as he destroys Premier League defences on a regular basis.

Ideally, a Newcastle United player should jump at the chance to play for the Gunners, but they now have a rich owner, and Eddie Howe is doing a brilliant job at the club.

McAvennie believes he will choose to stay instead of moving to the Emirates.

He tells Football Insider:

“I don’t think he’d leave.

“You’re looking at Arsenal then you look at Newcastle. Last year it wouldn’t have even been a choice, he would’ve run down to Arsenal.

“At Newcastle, the boys will be seeing something different. With Eddie Howe coming in, the attitude at the whole club will be different. I think he would want to be part of that.

“He’s the one player that I thought, when everything was going terribly for Newcastle, he’s the one player that was the shining light. That’s one player they would want to keep.”

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Newcastle’s new ownership means they could become the top cub in England soon, just like Manchester City has been.

Maximin is their biggest star, and they will want to keep him, even if it means offering him a new and improved deal.

It would be hard for Arsenal to convince him to leave unless the Magpies want to cash in on him.

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  1. Nothing wrong with ambitions and FA can obviously accept all kind of club owner in the PL, even those with blood on their hands. In spite of that I don’t believe that Newcastle will be a consistent top club like the big five.

    1. However is a decent coach, and given the resources to build a team I don’t see why he wouldn’t be competitive.

      Honestly if given money to reinforce his plan, you can’t discount his chances.

      Newcastle has the ambition and resources, some may say more than us. Also, is Arteta that much better at managing than Howe?

      Honestly with Newcastle’s resources and ambition it would be foolish and arrogant to ignore them as a competitor very soon.

      Forget battling City and Pool, we should be more concerned about Utd, spuds, and yes Newcastle.

      Arrogance had many sneering at top 4 with Wenger, taking it for granted. Mocking it as a “trophy” yet now would cheer for 4th place finish.

      However will be dangerous with financial backing, and pray Newcastle doesn’t ever hire a top class manager; then you may see us fall ever further behind.

      Don’t sneer at “top 6 is the new top 4” my prediction may yet prove true.

      1. I have never ever taken anything for granted and I was supporting Merci Wenger until he left. I even traveled from Norway to be there against Burnley, hist last home game.

        I have nothing against Newcastle United, but very much against their owner who’s using Newcastle to get into the limelight again. A nation based on primitive standards with lack of respect for women. An owner / ownership which I don’t understand FA could support, disgusting.

        1. I apologize Didrik I have taken your comment differently than you intended.

          My intention was that we are in no position to look down on any club, and we are still far from challenging for trophies and glory ourselves.

          Our Arrogance under Wenger cost us opportunities to improve, seeing ourselves as better than what we truly were.

          I see this mistake being repeated as red flags continue to be ignored by some, yet again.
          1. Man management of a different sort,
          2. Refusal to rotate (Saka as example)
          3. Refusal to have competition for starts (Auba/Laca for too long, Xhaka in midfield, White as CB, in spite of runs of poor form).

          I hope Vieira challenges Odegaard, Saliba challenges White, new CM pushes Xhaka, and a new winger challenges Saka.

          As far as Newcastle ownership, I agree with you completely 100%.

          Until the league has restrictions and standards themselves, money will determine ownership, bereft of character and behavior.

          I cite Abromovich at Chelsea, and Newcastle. It’s about enriching the league rather than reflecting proper stewardship. They are “stewards” of clubs, less “all powerful owners” and should not be immune from decency and character.

  2. I dont understand why a writer would create a fictional story out of nothing, that was never on the cards in the first place , only to then go an and say it is not going to happen.
    If this is the sort of non story that JA Admins consider offering us, then this site is not worth reading.

      1. Of course, one doesn’t have to read it…. and if they have and don’t agree, just ignore it and move on to the next transfer update!!

        1. Fundamentally different life philosophies once again KEN

          MINE IS TO TRY IMPROVING THINGS,NOT TO IGNORE THEM. By your own argument though, you could have, had you chosen, ignored my comment .
          But just as I am not primed to do, you too, decided to comment on mine, thus doing what you say(in your post) one could choose not to.

          Perhaps, after all, you actually believe in my philososphy, despite claiming not to. The evidence of these posts inclines towards that being true, I suggest.

        2. I enjoy it Ken, but we don’t have funds to sign 183 players in this window 😉

  3. Ive heard he wants to leave, his agent is trying to see what interest there is. I dont see Arsenal in there but he isn’t 100% staying. So its no concern of ours.

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