Pundit says Liverpool taught Arsenal a football lesson

Chris Sutton is convinced there is still a vast difference between Arsenal and other top-six Premier League clubs after Liverpool eliminated them from the Carabao Cup last night.

The Gunners have now lost twice in three matches against the former Premier League champions this season.

After holding the Reds to a goalless draw in the first leg with ten men, we had expected Arsenal to earn a win in the reverse fixture at the Emirates.

However, that never happened and Jurgen Klopp’s side schooled the Gunners last night.

Arsenal played poorly and Liverpool took their chances through the impressive Diogo Jota who scored both goals in a 2-0 win.

Sutton watched as the Gunners struggled and insists there is an enormous gap between both clubs.

‘I have been at this stadium before and at times the atmosphere has been slightly toxic, he told BBC 5Live as quoted by The Daily Mail.

‘They stuck with the team but you can’t get away from the fact Arsenal are out of everything and aren’t even into February. I think Liverpool schooled them.

‘You think about their signings and brilliant signings compete for major trophies. Arsenal are a level below and still a mile off.

‘There is so much work to do. Arteta when you strip back everything, spent a lot and it is going to be a huge half of the season. You can see the pressure building on Arteta if they don’t get in the Champions League spot. ‘

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Liverpool was a formidable opponent, and we tried to get something from the fixture.

The difference between both clubs is that Liverpool is very far into their rebuild, while Arsenal is just starting.

We would need time to reach the level that the Reds and the likes of Manchester City are, but we are on the right track.

Arteta discusses Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool, our lack of players and our red card record

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  1. Arsenal is on its way up. The pressure is just because of the injuries and the positions the team is struggling to fill up. You don’t expect Arsenal new-look team to perform miracles. Judge them in the next 2 years.
    This comment is uncalled for

  2. Let’s not get carried away here, Arsenal are not playing with a top striker and had 5 players who haven’t trained for over 2 weeks. What was everyone expecting against a Liverpool side more or less at full strength with every single member bar 1 bang in their peak performance years.

    Nothing at all shameful with the result considering the circumstances. But it has hopefully light a fire under Edu’s arse to sort out the transfers. hopefully it also highlighted to the owners there is still investment needed and work to do.

    1. I’m not sure you can say a Liverpol team minus Salah and Sane is almost at full strength but I agree with you James that there us no shame in the result, just disappointment.

      I should hope Arteta and the players learnt from last night. As a young team they should learn more by defeats like this then wins over mid table teams

      1. As from what was available to Liverpool I meant to say lol. But yeah disappointed but we got to the semis and put up more of a fight that the spuds did against Chelsea lol

      2. Jota is arguably on a similar level with Mane currently. The main loss for Liverpool was Salah. Even then though that was still a pretty strong team and squad.

        1. you do realize that Jota plays regularly with both Mane and Salah???? ridiculous commentary

      1. Right, that is why his CV boats of the following very impressive stats.
        EFL – 0 /22 attempts
        UCL /UL – 0/ 22 attempts
        EPL 3/22 attempts
        FA 7/22 attempts
        I rest my case.

  3. A touch or realism. Liverpool also lacked Thiago, who is a consistent first choice. On top of that Matip played half the game. So thats 3.5 first choice players out the team. Klopp gave a game to the second choice keeper (who looks beter than Ramsdale)….so it was 4.5 first choices out the team.

    1. I disagree that Kheller is better than Ramsdale. We hardly tested him only having 1 shot on target and that was a free kick. There was a stat that popped up after 40 mins that that annotated who had the least touches in that half. Laca, Saka, Martinelli, ESR, Fabinoh then Gordon in that order. It says something when all of your attacking players have the least amount of touches.

      The fact we fielded the weakest midfield we could have possibly fielded coupled with the fact 5 of the squad hadn’t trained for 2 weeks. All against a team that boasted Trent, Robbo, Virgil, Matip, Henderson, Fabinoh, Curtis Jones, Jota, Firminoh and that young lad Gordon on the right. All bar 3 of those players bang in the peak years aged 27 to 31 and seasoned internationals and have one titles.

      People making claims that Wenger would have beaten that squad with our U-23’s, seriously you want to put down your splif and come back to the real world.

      Liverpool are formidable have been together for years playing the same style of football. Let’s not forget it took Klopp 4 seasons to win his first major title with Liverpool and he only seriously challenged for the prem in seasons 5 and 6. He’s a very successful experienced manager, people are expecting Arteta to win a title afte 3 years with teams like City Chelsea and Liverpool around are all being a little unrealistic.

    1. Lol there not kids agreed they are just not as experienced. We need to keep the lads together into there prime years from 25 to 29 line up replacements eith from Hale End or the transfer market and sell those players on at a premium before they hit 30

  4. Teaching a football lesson is a bit too harsh from the so called pundit. Agreed Liverpool were the superior team but were almost full strength and are quite formidable. We did not play fully match fit players but I agree we should have showed more passion and hunger but lets face it, we still have work to do.

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