Pundit says mistake-prone Arsenal man expects to sign a new deal

Alan Hutton believes Granit Xhaka is looking forward to signing a new deal at Arsenal, and the midfielder probably deserves it.

Xhaka has been one of Arsenal’s key men since he moved to the club in 2016.

He has been an ever-present in the team under Mikel Arteta, who convinced him to remain at the club when he was close to leaving it.

The Swiss star is one of the leading figures in their dressing room. However, he is prone to making costly mistakes on the pitch.

Interestingly, this has not cost him his place on the team, and Mikel Arteta still trusts him to start most matches for the club.

Hutton believes even though he has errors all over his game, he still looks forward to getting a new deal from the Gunners.

He tells Football Insider:

“He’s a battler and you need players like that. I think he’s capable of losing his head one or two many times but he’s committed to the club.

“I think that’s somebody that’s looking for a long term deal to tie him down and he’s letting the club know he’s willing to listen if they’re going to offer him one.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Xhaka has been one of our important players for some time, and Arteta trusts the midfielder.

That is the only reason he has remained at the club. However, as we continue to bolster our squad, we could sign one that will replace him soon.

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  1. The ONLY reason he has remained at the club is because “he has been one of our most important players for some time and Arteta trusts the midfielder” – that statement, in itself, should warrant a new contract wouldn’t you say Martin?

    1. Rubbish, if he was any good, he would get into the current Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, or Spurs side, but he isn’t. He slows the play down and will get pointless yellow cards such as the one for diving against Palace, imagine if we had a better midfielder than Xhaka, then maybe we could challenge for things, but he isn’t, he doesn’t improve the team, he hinders it just as he does every season and nothing will change. Name me one game where his actions have got us three points, where he has influenced the game. Now, look at the games where he has cost us with his red cards and penalties.

      1. @Foreverinourshadows your reasoning is absolutely pathetic. A player who is not a Liverpool’s, City’s, Chelsea’s you are here pathetically saying he can’t get into their starting lineup. Xhaka is Arsenal’s and he has been tremendously important for us. For ages you have been maligning him but he’s still here, why not get a peaceful life for yourself?

    1. Indeed, he is one of MA ‘s own signings, along with Elneny.

      Some of the current players he has not signed and who might feature tomorrow?
      Saka – ESR – Saliba – Tierney – Pepe… that’s about £200,000,000 of talent that’s down to the time of AW and UE, or to spin it another way, part of the “dross and deadwood” he inherited….as passed down in folklore.

  2. I don’t like Arteta and xhaka a bit. I am not hiding it.

    Only a coach like Arteta will consider a new deal for a very slow and error prone xhaka.
    In our opening game against C/palace, when I saw xhaka guiding the ball towards the touch line and refusing to pass to his team mate right in front of him, I already knew that dude was onlt trying to dive or commit unnecessary card-able offence.

    1. @Mrcool
      Sad part about that is, had he kept going, he might have scored. Instead, he chose to dive. Well played dude…😂

  3. Before we all go down this road for the 1000th time, let me just say this.

    Xhaka is great in low pressure games, decent in medium games and terrible in most of our high pressure games.

    He is not a bad player at all but he also can’t win you a game with a moment of brilliance like our midfielders of old. This is the reason I want him gone, we could do worse but we could definitely do better.

      1. What has been described is a caricature and is by no means fair or balanced.
        It is also a range of opinions; there is possibly only one “fact”, sort of.

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