Pundit says Nketiah does not expect to be the key man at Arsenal

Kevin Campbell insists that Eddie Nketiah has not signed a new contract at Arsenal because he will become the club’s key man.

Nketiah has just renewed his deal after almost leaving the club as a free agent.

His new contract will keep him at the Emirates until 2027, and the club has handed him its number 14 shirt worn by the legendary Thierry Henry.

The striker was Arsenal’s first choice towards the end of last season, and he is expecting more playing chances when the next campaign resumes.

But former Gunner, Campbell believes he knows the club will sign another striker as their main man frontman, and Nketiah will only play a rotational role at the Emirates.

He tells Football Insider: “At the back end of the season, Eddie did okay. He looked lively and he got a few goals.

“But he will have signed his contract in the knowledge that there is going to be more bodies coming in.

“That means he is happy to rotate which is fine. He will not be the main man though, that’s for sure.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Our current team needs a striker that can score goals regularly and has the experience of making a goal out of nothing.

Nketiah has the potential to fit that description, but at the moment, he is not at that level just yet.

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  1. Personally I think in a lot of fans minds nketiah is starting on par with whomever we bring in. Whether that be a 15m or 150m striker, we accept whoever we bring in is likely to start season being given a chance but as soon as Eddie starts switching it on he will elevate himself with the rest of our fan base!! I truely believe IF we sign Jesus we will have 2 strikers of very comparable quality/ability and style of play. I expect we will be unable to tell who who at points in the season. That pleases me a lot because I do rate Jesus to tune of 20 goals a season.

  2. I pray to God that this is the case, but still not convinced if only Jesus is coming in, unless he’s been given positional assurances…now if we acquired Oshimen, which is HIGHLY unlikely, then I would obviously agree with KC’s sentiments

    1. @TRVL,A hybrid forward in raphinha is the one to be brought in as a third striker.Nketiah and Jesus will be our natural strikers.

  3. Of course he will gladly take 100k a week to be a rotation player.
    Even most world class players won’t mind being on the bench as a rotation player for a top team as longer as they pay him highly.

    In between we need to stop getting angry at players earning high wages.
    Before anything they are employees , and the board have no problem paying them such salaries in the first place.
    Am not just talking of nketia, am talking of both formal and current employees.
    Many of our fans have criticized a lot of them for getting high wages, who am quite sure most of them wouldn’t reject it if they were in there shoes.
    The frustration of high wages should go to the management and the board and not the players. They have the choice not to give anyone of them the high salary but they chose to do that.

    A player is an employee who works to earn. If earn more than he works for, then hold the management accountable for rewarding such.

  4. Do we really expect our new No: 14 striker, earning 100K pw, to play second fiddle on the bench? I wish him well. I hope he succeeds. But if he doesn’t, we could end up again in situations where players are required to take pay cuts in order to leave. Our pay scales are still too high.

  5. begs the question why he got the deal he got. but whats done is done so may as well just support him and hope for the best. Hard to deny Arsenal got totally fleeced in these dealings tho.

  6. Almost all discussion now around striker brings to the table the wage of Eddie… what was the cost of Laca ? 47 + 5 years at 182k/week. He will have cost something close to 100m for 5 years… Auba last resign contract was 55/3 years… “free” willian 30m/3 years etc not even mentioning pepe (110m/5 years)… Eddie was at the club. He is, even at 31m/5 years, a good, good signing… Compared to all these guys, he will have resale value in 2 years if he is not banging the goals we need. And he will basically have not cost a lot if we ship him for 15/20 by this time. Any ok rotational striker for a club like arsenal would have command minimum 50/60k per week and a 15m fee. At least same cost than nketiah, probably way more. So it is an absolute WIN-WIN situation for me. plus he knows the club, he is commited and hungry and he is homegrown ! No brainer at all. We should stop talking about him. This is a good overall deal for everybody to keep a youngster that can still grow here.

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