Pundit says Premier League ace did well for snubbing Arsenal

Tim Sherwood says Jamie Vardy did the right thing by snubbing Arsenal to remain at Leicester City.

The Englishman led the Foxes to the Premier League title in the 2015/2016 season as one of the best players in the competition.

He was in lethal form and at some point he scored in 11 straight games for Claudio Ranieri’s side.

Arsenal sought to tempt him with a move to the Emirates and he had originally agreed to speak to the Gunners.

He came to London and Arsenal threw what they thought was a lot of money at him to join them, but the striker went back home and declined Arsenal’s offer.

He has remained a fixture in the Leicester City team since that time and has been a nemesis of the Gunners, as he almost always scores against them.

He hasn’t won another trophy with Leicester since that Premier League gong, but Sherwood says he still did the right thing to remain at Leicester.

“Jamie could have easily been at Arsenal, couldn’t he?” said Sherwood as quoted by HITC

“There was a lot of speculation about him going to Arsenal.

“He picked to stay at Leicester. He made a good decision. They won the Premier League and I just think he just gets younger and younger, doesn’t he?

“He’s carrying no weight. He’s got great pace. He does brilliantly for the side. If they aren’t creating chances for him then he’s opening up spaces for players in his side.”

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  1. Who cares what Tim Sherwood thinks. He is still bitter about all the floggings his team received at the hands of Arsenal. Never has a good thing to say.

  2. I think Arsenal have won several trophies in that time? (This is after Leicesters only?) league title. And Vardy, apart from having to live in Leicester rather than the capital, has won sweet F.A.

    1. I can assure you the countryside and villages and fresh air in the East Midlands are not to be sneezed at

  3. Agree OG, and it is Vardy who has more to lose being with LC, okay that fluke EPL championship wont repeat and if he was with us he would have won the FAs and even the EL with Unai, who knows? Any ways we did miss CR7, Messi, Ibra, and so on so who cares? We got Auba who won us the FA last year. Sad person Tim Sherwood.

    1. But guess who has more chance of playing champions league next season? Leicester. They are better than us currently just accept it

  4. In all fairness Vardy does not suit our style of play as much as I like him.

    Imagine him playing for us, with the slow build up and side to side passing. We would nullify all of his strengths and he’s probably want to murder Xhaka after his 5th touch on the ball before releasing.

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