Pundit says Premier League needs to get serious after analysing Arsenal’s latest action

Alan Hutton has analysed Arsenal’s decision to ask for the postponement of their last match against Tottenham and cannot understand the Premier League’s decision.

Although the Gunners said they did not have enough players to field in the fixture and they have since terminated the contract of Sead Kolasinac to allow him to join Olympique Marseille.

These departures should not happen at a club that doesn’t have enough fit players, according to Hutton and he urges the Premier League, to make it harder for matches to get postponed.

He tells Football Insider: “When you look at Arsenal, we don’t really know exactly how many players they had but they’ve got a large squad.

“They’ve got a good youth setup. We’ve seen that in the cup runs and things like that.

“It was a game I was looking forward to watching. Some of the first-team members have gone out on loan. How does that make sense?

“You’re trying to tell me that you don’t have enough players to fulfil a fixture you but you can send players on loan? It doesn’t really add up.

“There is a little bit of a grey area and teams are playing it very well. They need to stamp it out. I don’t think it’s fair.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

The outcry following Arsenal’s request to postpone the NLD has become too much.

We are not the first club to ask for their match to be moved because they don’t have enough players to field.

The Premier League most likely also had a good look at the situation at the club before agreeing to call off the game.

Pundits and rival fans would keep talking, but all we can do now is focus and prepare for our next game.

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  1. Fed up with all these ex spuds mouthing off facts are that we requested a postponement based on the conditions laid out by the Premier league and after reviewing our request the Premier league postponed the game not Arsenal.
    Also how odd that not one “pundit” has come out and criticised the only club out of 21 clubs to OFFICIALLY put out a statement questioning the validity of a clubs request and basically branding that club as liars.
    One club from 21 has done that

    1. Brian, which was the non Prem club which objected then?

      I presume you do know the PREM ONLY HAS TWENTY CLUBS, NOT TWENTY TWO!!

  2. If we don’t beat Spurs we’ll be the laughing stock of England! Even more so that we postponed the game.

  3. I keep hearing pundits and others say that the FA should tighten up the rules concerning covid postponements. I don’t see how the FA could change the rules again mid-season. Many teams (Arsenal included) have been granted postponements under the existing rules and have been helped by not having to play severely weakened teams. Other teams have not needed a postponement yet but may very well need one in the future. It would seem harsh on them (and unfair) if the rules were changed again such that they were not given the same advantage as other teams earlier when crisis hits their club.

  4. Why does JA constantly give us the views of ex players who were essentially nobodys?

    Are we supposed to be impressed by the mundane views of these journeymen, as JA never seems to invite top level players to give their opinions?

    Such nonentities as Kevin Campbell and this one time Spud? And brain of Britain Merson, who was, admittedly, a league ahead of these other players, back in his day.

    I mean , who the hell cares what these journeymen, who never amounted to much as players, think about todays game?

    Just because they once played at moderate level Prem football. Well big deal! NOT!!!

    I’D BE QUITE HAPPY IF, WHICH RARELY OR NEVER HAPPENS, JA could get such as Bergkamp, Vieira or Henry to give us THEIR views!

    After all such players as THOSE, have genuine status.

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