Pundit says Ramsdale has a long way to go before he can be compared to former Gunner

Danny Mills says Aaron Ramsdale still has some way to go before he can be compared to former Arsenal number one, David Seaman.

The summer signing has quickly impressed Arsenal’s fans and he has also won over some people who didn’t think he was the right fit for the club.

He looks like a future England number one and could be in the Arsenal goal for many years.

One thing that happens nowadays is that players are judged too quickly. Only a few months into his Arsenal career, Ramsdale has already been compared to Seaman.

However, Mills is unimpressed by that and the former Premier League man says Ramsdale is a good goalkeeper, but he still has a lot more time to prove if he is as good as Seaman.

“He made a fantastic save and had a good game [against Leicester],” Mills told Football Insider.

“Does that make him England’s number one? Certainly not.

“This is the problem these days, we judge players way too quickly, both ways. If they have a bad game ‘He’s rubbish, get them out’. A couple of good games ‘Brilliant, next best thing. Give him a new contract’.

“He’s a good goalkeeper, we’ve seen that but he’s got to do it on a consistent basis. If he has a couple of bad or average games and makes a mistake everyone will start to question him again.

“Football is always about not being at the best level but a very good level consistently. That’s where you need to be week in, week out.

“He’s just got to keep performing. People compare him to David Seaman, he was an incredible goalkeeper.

“We know Ramsdale‘s got ability but David did it for 20 years.”

Mills is right, Ramsdale has had a fine start to his Arsenal career, but maybe he is just in his honeymoon phase.

He will have tougher tests in front of him and he needs more than a few good performances to attain legendary status at Arsenal.

However, his good start to life at the Emirates cannot be underappreciated because not every goalkeeper performs that well in their start at a new club.

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  1. What aload of boll$@€s to even compare, hes a young lad starting out gaining experience,its obvious and stupid to even bring up , give the lad a chance and try compare in few years , he been relegated twice with two teams and I bet it was nothing to do with him , seaman was also lucky to have one of the best defences in the league with years of experience, seamen probably wasnt even in first 11 with QPR if want to compare stats and experience before he come to arsenal and become England’s number 1 . If he continues to progress like he is at the moment hes going to have a very exciting next 10 years and hopefully that’s with arsenal where he can become a legend like Wilson lukic Jennings seaman and leamen but to judge let alone tey compare is redicolous

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