Pundit says Saka should wait to see where Arsenal finish before signing a new deal

Noel Whelan has urged Bukayo Saka to hold off on signing a new Arsenal contract until the end of the season when he can evaluate where the club finishes the campaign on the league table.

The attacker is arguably Arsenal’s best player right now, and he has not extended the deal he signed with the club since 2020.

He is also one of the lowest earners in the squad and deserves an urgent salary upgrade to keep him happy at the club for much longer.

The Gunners will want to tie him down to a new deal soon to avoid losing him to a rival, but former Leeds United man, Whelan says Saka does not need to hurry and sign a new Gunners deal.

He claims the attacker should hold on and see if they can finish in the Champions League places because a top player like him should be in that competition.

He tells Football Insider: “Right now, if I was Saka, I’d be holding out on the contract I’ve already got.

“I’d be seeing if we are in the Champions League and then having discussions with the manager.

“Champions League football, for me, is huge, especially when someone’s playing at the top of the game. Someone that’s so important, someone so young.

“For me, playing the way he’s playing, I wouldn’t be thinking about another contract just yet. I’d be thinking of doing my very best for Arsenal.

“If we get in the Champions League, that’s where I want to play, then contract negotiations can start.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saka has just broken through at Arsenal, even though it seems he has been around for years. 

He is at the start of his career and should not change clubs so quickly, because it could affect his development.

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  1. What a pile of bollocks, Whelan is desperate for him to sign for Liverpool. He is happy at Arsenal loves the fans the fans love him and he equally loved by the manager and the club. He will sign a new deal when the season is over now is not the time


  3. who are all this stupid pundits ? basically trying to convince him to leave arsenal. what kind of desperation is that. I hate this useless people who call themselves pundits.

  4. These guys are doing everything to distract Saka from focusing on helping Arsenal to finish in 4th place.
    Does Saka really need a so-called Pundit’s advice to sign a deal with a club of his choice? This is ridiculous.
    You can see these so-called pundits are simply envious of the position Arsenal now occupies and wish to disrupt the players psychologically with all these distractions.
    Is Just Arsenal obliged to publish all these? Saka and his entourage know what’s good for him.

  5. Same thing with Martinelli, pundits wishing him away to Liverpool what are they trying to achieve

  6. Liverpool is currently better than Arsenal but when did this turn around begin? I recall a time when Liverpool would never beat Arsenal! Does anyone remember Loserpool? Let us not be swayed by the wind. Soon Arsenal will be bossing Liverpool again. You can be sure of that. The older generation remember Arsenal beating Liverpool when it was at its zenith, the most famous being 1971, to lift the trophy. No sensible person should ever be moved by pundits whose powers of analysis are often questionable. I urge Bukayo Saka to stay put and develop his career at Arsenal. Very few of those who left Arsenal prematurely ever made it in their careers. Thus Saka should be aware of this bitter truth.

  7. Don’t mind those idiots who are supposed to be in management rather they opted to sit

    ADMIN COMMENT And you need to calm down with the swearing. Capiche?

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