Pundit says Saka will learn from criticism of his perceived dive against Bayern Munich

Ian Ladyman anticipates that Bukayo Saka will glean valuable lessons from the criticism he is currently facing following the controversy surrounding his perceived dive during Arsenal’s match against Bayern Munich.

In a crucial moment of the Champions League fixture, Saka found himself clean through on goal with only Manuel Neuer to beat. However, instead of attempting to score, Saka appeared to initiate contact with Neuer before falling to the ground, leading to calls for a penalty that was ultimately not awarded by the referee.

The decision not to award the penalty surprised many observers, and as replays of the incident circulated, opinions shifted, with a growing consensus that Saka should have focused on scoring rather than seeking a penalty.

Ladyman suggests that the widespread discussion and scrutiny surrounding Saka’s actions will prompt him to reflect on his conduct and approach in future games. As his actions continue to be scrutinized globally, Ladyman believes that Saka will reconsider his approach and strive to make more judicious decisions in similar situations moving forward.

He said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘Sticking with the Saka subject, I actually think that what happened on Tuesday night, in the long-term, will be a good thing for Saka and that starts on Sunday.

‘The reason I say that is because he is a young lad, a bright lad, and the attention that his act drew on Tuesday night, the fuss that has followed, the fact we are here two days later talking about it, I think will resonate with him.

‘I think it might be the first step in stopping him doing it again. For example, on Sunday, all eyes will be on him, the ref’s eyes will be on him and television’s eyes will be on him.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saka should have scored that goal because he had a good chance of finding the back of the net.

Hopefully, we will not regret missing the chance to win the game at home when we travel to Germany.

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  1. I find this one intriguing, why would Saka initiate contact to go down and the ball was on his left foot sets up perfectly?

    1. There were still two Bayern defenders getting back toward the goal, so he may have decided that this was the easier option.

  2. In a crucial match like the last Arsenal’s Ucl Q/F 1st leg match at home against Bayern Munchen. And in which Bukayo Saka had a good goal scoring opportunity to win the match for his team at the death if he had scored.
    But unfortunately for Arsenal he didn’t. But which was due to his choosing to dribble round Bayern Munchen’s goalkeeper to score. And thus makes a spectacle of his match winning goal if he has scored it.
    Okay, he tried to do that but failed. But if he has succeeded. He would have received acolades for it.
    But when next time Saka wants to make attempt to dribble round the goalie to score, in a high profile match. And in which the stake is high. He SHOULD make sure that his confidence to dribble round a top caliber goalkeeper of Manuel Neuer’s status won’t led him down. But lead him to achieve his aim. Otherwise, it’ll look like it is an unnecessary gamble option to score spectacularly that he has chosen.
    Nevertheless, I hope that Arteta and the Gunners are not overthinking on the Saka’s self afflicted missed good chance to score the match winner for Arsenal in their last home BM Ucl match. But try to focus fully on their next home match in the Epl against Aston Villa to win the match. And win it very big. 6-0 to Arsenal at the end of the match tomorrow Saturday unfailingly.

  3. I’m afraid Mr Ladyman’s comments are dishonourable. The hypocrisy is ignominious. The fact that so many Arsenal are supporting this line of thinking is also disappointing.
    If you go back to the penalty given to Liverpool against Man U. this was accepted without much fanfare. Yet the fact is that Elliott fell over Wan-bissaka’s leg. Far less a case for a penalty than Saka’s.
    Yet we now have a whole host of pundits and disingenuous Arsenal fans piling in with their personal biases and beefs.
    Saka was running at speed and trying to change direction which provides some explanation for the position of his leg. Also, Neuer was still moving forward at the time of contact.
    One can understand that there is sufficient “greyness” in the situation not to award the penalty. However, to automatically conclude that Saka was trying to con the referee is wrong.

  4. He’s basically a good kid. He learnt massively from his penalty miss for England, he can from this. He made an error of judgement, who doesn’t.

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