Pundit shocked at Ben White’s performance despite starting Palace game full of confidence

Alan Hutton is surprised at how poor Ben White’s performance was when Arsenal faced Crystal Palace in the Premier League last night.

The Gunners’ most expensive defender started the game brightly and brought the ball out from the defence with confidence in the first few minutes of the first half.

However, his performance eventually dropped later in the game and he was to blame for Odsonne Edouard’s goal for Palace.

It appeared as if his production dropped off soon after kick-off and he didn’t fare much better after the halftime break.

Former Tottenham defender, Hutton admits the Englishman has a lot of confidence in himself and showed what he can do in the first few minutes of the game.

However, he needs to be more consistent and learn to maintain his level of performance for the entire 90 minutes.

Hutton also compared him to former Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand.

“Watching last night, for the first 10 or 15 minutes I thought Arsenal were brilliant,” Hutton told Football Insider.

“Ben White striding out of the defence with the ball, I thought, ‘here we go’ and then, ugh, I don’t know what happened to him. It was a bit of a strange one.

“He’ll grow into a very good player, I’m sure of it. He’s still finding his feet at the moment.

“We’re seeing in bits he’s very confident, he’s coming out with the ball which I like to see.

“The way Rio Ferdinand used to do at Manchester United, he’d come out with it and then find a pass. I saw that in White last night. He just needs to do that consistently now.”

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  1. I find it a bit scary that White and Tomiasu have been bought as our CB and RB for the future. They both have to improve in spades for me, i dont see it.

  2. Hes English which automatically means overpriced and usually overrated.

    A fair price for him would have been around 20-25. Could be worse, we could have bought Maguire.

  3. Tomi seemed to be running on adrenalin in his first couple of starts because since that time he’s been no better than any of our other options currently under contract…at one point yesterday he seemed completely surprised by a pass even though the play was coming in his direction and he was standing unmarked about 8 feet from the edge of the box…maybe the instinct-crippling and robotic micro-managing tendencies of our novice manager have unfortunately finally sunk in…regardless, very disconcerting back-to-back performances for our 11th hour acquisition…hopefully this is just a blip on the radar and not what we can expect moving forward

  4. *OT
    Erik ten Hag…He’s they guy I feel would put us right.
    Just watched Ajax dismantle Dortmund. Those young dudes are in fire.

    1. I’d love him but the players in the two teams are very different.

      Our players in general are entitled, lazy, unfit and face zero consequences for poor form. Ajax players are the opposite.

      1. I’ve been a big advocate of ten Hag for quite some time now, as I was quite convinced that if we weren’t going to get the financial support required to go toe-to-toe with the best clubs in the PL and throughout Europe, we needed to mimic the philosophies of clubs like Ajax or Dortmund, but more recently I’ve come to the conclusion that the Atalanta model, under Gasperini, might be a better fit

        it’s an exciting brand of football that deploys a healthy mix of differing aged/experienced players…his squad-building model relies heavily on the scouting/acquisition of players with high ceilings who may have fell through the cracks or were previously playing in a system that just wasn’t a good fit

        at one point, it appeared as if his tactics may have been a tad too unbalanced, much like Wenger in his waning years, but he proved that he could be tactically flexible during his most recent Champions League runs

        the most compelling argument for me is that he seems to know how to get the best out of his players and when things go sideways with a particular player he doesn’t dither, he has him removed from the equation and quickly uncovers a suitable replacement

        this hybrid model that seeks trophies while still developing players in-house, with an eye to capitalize on said players should the opportunity arise, makes perfect sense given our current situation, as it seeks to find a logical balance between the now and the future…not to mention, if done correctly you don’t have an unnecessarily bloated wage bill, as your model seeks those with limited contractual leverage but a huge up-side and more youthful players with typically more reasonable wage expectations

  5. Surely VAR have to ask Dean first, he gave what he thought he saw, Its up to var to inform him he may need another look.

  6. We should Sign Potter ive seen him work Östersund when they beat us and now Brighton .. Arteta is clueless with team setup.

  7. Arreta has been there for close to 2 years now whille Patrick has been at palace for less than 5 months. In the game u could see the togetherness of the team despite having far inferior players. Give Vieira the arsenal team and he wins the league- Get rid of that conman before him and edu milk the kroenkers dry by buying half baked players like White and Ramsdale for astronomical figures
    Check the bank accounts of these 2 conmen.

    1. Despite the fact that we paid well over the odds for him,and the same could be said for many others, Ben White is a very good young defender who has the pace and athleticism to push forward into midfield .Indeed, given our lack of quality in the midfield area I would be tempted to use him as a DM to free up Partey and Lokonga in box to box roles.Other than Odegaard, our summer recruits can do well for Arsenal although Tomi, to me is a CB masquerading as a RB and is unlikely to be effective in the attacking side of that role.Against Villa I would match up their 3-4-3 system , and leave Odegaard on the bench.As for Vieira taking over and winning us the League, it was his ultra defensive decision to bring on a CB and to defend deep, which ultimately cost Palace the three points.Like Arteta, he is on a learning curve and he has the advantage of being at a Club where expectations are not nearly as high as they are at Arsenal.

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