Pundit slams Arsenal for disrupting Leno’s ‘mental state’

Paul Robinson has criticised Arsenal’s decision to leave both Aaron Ramsdale and Bernd Leno not knowing their place in the ‘pecking order’.

The Gunners moved to bring in the goalkeeper from Sheffield United this summer for a reasonable fee, and some have questioned whether he would be coming in to play as back-up to Bernd Leno, and in recent weeks we have seen the German benched.

I struggle to see why Leno would return to the fold personally, especially with Ramsdale having kept four clean sheets in a row(including a friendly behind closed doors against Brentford during the international break), but Robinson has moved to defender the former Bayer Leverkusen man following reports that the Arsenal goalkeeper was shouting at the coaches in training.

“He will get angry because his mental state is not right,” Robinson told the Football Insider. “His head is not in the right place.

“It is difficult as a goalkeeper when you are in and out of the side. Goalkeepers like to know if they are number one or number two. When there is a pecking order and you are told where you are in the pecking order you can accept it. You do not want to be fighting for your place every week.

“I cannot understand the signing of Ramsdale. He’s not any better than Leno.

“I think Arteta has just created a big problem for himself. He now has two goalkeepers of similar ability who both want to play.

“Ramsdale is talented but he makes a lot of errors that lead to goals.

“If Arteta wanted to replace Leno he should have gone out and signed a top-class goalkeeper. What he’s bought is not better than what he’s got.”

Should Leno return to the fold against Spurs and fail, the decision will fall on the manager, while Ramsdale continuing after his recent performances would just make sense.

Professional players should be able to get their heads together also. Why should someone be told that they deserve to be first or second choice when there is clearly a big question mark over who deserves it? Leno may be most proven, but his form has left a lot to be desired over the last 12 months, while we have another goalkeeper here who is repelling all challenges at present?


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  1. In just under 2 years in charge, another world-class player – and goalkeeper – about to face the Arteta guillotine. Aron Ramsdale beware; you could be next.

  2. My position is that Leno clearly isn’t secure enough to be no1. I’m not trying to be over critical but he is rather middling. Good but not great. So what was the club to do after allowing EM to move? Another Runarsson scenario or make the choice to really make it a fight out? Man U did the same. Leno will either up his performances or accede to Ramsdale. The king is dead; long live the king…or something like that

  3. This is common in big teams , that why it’s called competition, De Gea, Kepa we’re once dropped and now both have revived their career after getting dropped

  4. I dont understand why Lenno should get angry at the coaches during training. On form basis, Lenno was poor so he was dropped and Ramsdale has come in and kept 4 clean sheets, so its clearly not Ramsdales fault. For me, Ramsdale should continue in goal and Lenno can play in the Cup games to up his confidence. Why should Arteta change a winning goalkeeper just because the other goalkeeper is not happy about the situation. Team winning is the most important priority and personal considerations are secondary.

    1. Totally agree, Leno should be very happy that the team is not conceding and is winning. And for me Leno is more likely to let one, two and three balls between the sticks pass him.

  5. total load of BS

    As an Ex – pro goalkeeper i really find this hard to take.

    Getting dropped should spur you on to do better, be better and re-establish himself as No.1.

    If you have a weak mentality, like Robinson has basically said he has then you dont deserve to be here in the first place.

    Speaking from experience, you want the competition, any sportsman wants to be better and you only get that from being pushed by someone else.

  6. Naive comments from Robinson, which is surprising him being an ex’ pro.

    Upon arriving at a club, the new manger will take stock of the squad he has inherited.

    I can totally see what is unfolding here with our keeping situation.

    Whilst Leno remains a very good keeper M A wanted a few things more from his No 1.

    Playing from the deck , we can all see Ramsdale is vastly superior there.

    But for me, one of the aspects M A looked at was communication and confidence.

    Ramsdale is a fantastic communicator, constantly given information and instructions to his defence. When a player does well, or makes an error, he is the first over to them to gee them up – Aaron is a “players player” – one of the lads.

    These type of character traits, and the fact he is a bloody good keeper, is what we have lacked in various positions for a while now …character !

    Having Such a keeper behind you instils confidence throughout the side, especially at the back, which is crucial.

    Also Aaron’s rapport with the crowd is evident, he is definitely set to become a firm favourite.

    I believe Aaron for such a relatively young lad, has brought a number of attributes to the club which M A thought was lacking.

    How Robinson is Privvy to exactly what Leno & Ramsdale have been told is debatable, and it’s no surprise his comments come just prior to the NLD.

    Those who made such pathetic and disgusting personal attacks against Aaron Ramsdale upon his arrival should take a long hard look at themselves .

    I am so very pleased the kid seems to be setting in so well.

  7. Leno is a very good shot stopper and I always liked him. However Ramsdale seems to be a better overall fit with the club and the direction it’s heading, so it seems like the end for Leno and probably best to make Ramsdale No.1 and Leno to look for a new gig elsewhere next season.

  8. ““I cannot understand the signing of Ramsdale. He’s not any better than Leno.” …nonsense

    If there are 2 GK of similar ability. 1 at 23 and the other at 29,I would go for the 23 yr old. Lots of years to become even better while the other is heading downhill from there especially given that his greatest asset; reflexes gets worse with age..

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