Pundit slams Arsenal’s board and accuses them of lacking direction

Arsenal’s problems are beyond the playing staff, according to Jermaine Jenas.

Arsenal fired Unai Emery five matches ago and Freddie Ljungberg has managed to win just one of those matches.

Their loss to Manchester City over the weekend has raised fresh concerns over the overall health of the club and Jermaine Jenas believes the problems the club is facing starts from the very top.

He reckons that the lack of direction shown by the club has affected the players and they are just being used as scapegoats by those who are running the club poorly.

‘In a weird way, I felt a bit sorry for the players on the pitch,’ Jenas said on Match of the Day 2. ‘They had no direction, no confidence, and they were taken apart at will. And do you know what, fair play to a lot of the fans who did stay, they were singing for their club and I almost felt sorry for the players who were on the pitch taking the battering.

‘That’s the bigger picture. They need to sort themselves out at the top end of things. ‘[They are] talking about interviewing 12 different managers, which tells me they haven’t got a clue in terms of the type of club or team that they want to be. ‘And now they have a team on the pitch who have no direction, with a manager who has very little experience, and that’s why I want to protect the players. ‘I felt really sorry for them, because that was really embarrassing for them.’

Arsenal is now closer to the relegation zone than they are to the top four. The club did set out to finish this season inside a champions league spot but that is starting to look unlikely now.

There is a possibility that a new manager will be named within the next day or so following the rampant Mikel Arteta speculation. Maybe then all the issues that Jenas has highlighted can start to be addressed.


    1. What a shallow and biased comment saying everything about you personally and how you think and nothing of any value about our dire situation. You comment is pathetic frankly!

    1. The problem with Arsenal board is that they want a manager with a name that sounds like Arsenal, Emirates, and now Gunners. Hope they are not waiting for Ole Gunnar to be sacked so that they employ him.

  1. If Arteta manage the team, at least there is a possibility we would play with 4-3-3. He’d probably introduce it slowly to the players though

    Guardiola used 3-5-2 first, then 4-1-3-2. Once his players understood his concept, he finally used 4-3-3

    Arteta could use similar approach, because the players are too accustomed to 4-2-3-1

  2. If Arteta comes, I willdon’t back him.

    Nagelsmann started as an assistant and U19 coach.

    Zidane jumped straight from Castilla to Real.

    I think Arteta has a lot of personal traits similar to Wenger: a kind of a father figure who would actually care about the players. No one deny that Wenger was hugely respected because he was respectful, caring and supportive. Players are humans too and there is more to this game than just football tactics (hope Arteta knows about them too). I believe Klopp is similar about his players too from what I’ve read.

    1. He’s an analyst not a reporter and is just doing his job. And many of us have said very similar things. Really dont care who is the messenger when the club needs to hear it. Emery successor should’ve been on their for at least a couple of months, and instead they are acting like somebody else sacked Emery and they have to scramble to come up w/ a plan.

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