Pundit slams Arteta for his treatment of Aubameyang

Gabby Agbonlahor has slammed Mikel Arteta for how he treated Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang before the striker left Arsenal.

Auba had been his captain and the club’s highest earner, and they had a good relationship.

However, they fell out at the end of last year when the striker was permitted to visit his mom, but he returned later than instructed.

He banished the striker from the first team, stripped him of the captain’s armband, and asked him to train alone.

Auba eventually secured a transfer to Barcelona at the end of January, but former Villa man, Agbonlahor, says no player deserves to be made to train alone.

He tells Football Insider:

“I understand you don’t want the player, I understand you want to get rid of him but don’t make him train on his own.

“It happened to me and it happened to people I played with. It’s the worst thing that can happen as a footballer, your mental health is at a record low.

“You’re alone, you feel like a bad egg and your teammates are scared to speak to you.

“You’re training on your own or with the youth team and you feel demoralised. That’s what clubs try and do to force you to leave, make you so uncomfortable coming to work that you want to leave.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arteta’s treatment of Auba was not perfect, but the Spaniard had to make it clear that he wanted only dedicated players in his team, and they must keep to the rules.

Both parties have moved on now, but other players will learn and not want to break the rules.

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  1. Ok Gabby. we have moved beyond that now.

    Aubameyang and Arteta have since moved on.

    He was the team captain. Being a captain demands more responsibility.

    im looking forward to this season. I want Pepe to stay. But if the loan move to Nice goes thru, I would love someone like Carrasco as a replacement. An experienced player. A natural goal scorer with loads of experience in the top flight.

    I would also love Arteta to give Reis Nelson more game time. He has the qualities to excel.

  2. Fair enough both moved their separate ways. Not taking away the success so far for Arteta, there is still room for some polish on the way he treats players generally apart from technical matters.
    He used loyal Laca to his advantage against Auba. Then dumped Laca. This could still happen as players have tendencies to get arrogant and susceptibel and thereby get under the skin of Arteta. We have more players than Auba who have fallen under the same circumstances not wanting here to reap old wounds. Arteta needs to use some emotional intelligence or diplomacy when handling players

    1. What are on bro?. Used loyal Laca against Auba and then dumped Laca. One of the reasons we didn’t make top 4 last season was because Laca couldn’t score to save his own life. Let me borrow some words used on this site recently. Renewing Laca contract was a sackable offence.

  3. If Auba had spent more attention on football and not so much on his next Lambo he might have had an extended career at Arsenal. As soon as he got a nice £350k a week deal his head went elsewhere other than the team. He was not good for the squad to be around!

  4. I don’t know why we are still concern about Auba issue, he is no more our player, any team he sign for should not be our business or concern again… The most important is to focus on our own team and our main striker( Gabriel Jesus)….. Golden boot winner to be ….. Watch out for him gunners….

    1. There’s been a bit of optimism on here so far since Pre-season. Needs to be tapered down a bit.

  5. Let aubamayang prove arteta wrong and let arteta prove aubamayang wrong,
    Only their success without each other can tell who was wrong 😅

  6. Hw else should a nonchalant fellow be treated, eh, Mr agbonlahor? Be pampered?? You talk jargons!😫 Captain of the team who failed to live by example, should face the most severe punishment.

    1. @O.T.S
      It’s all about pampering these so called big name players for the sake of pleasing some people that are fans of them..

      Misbehaviour or poor performances shouldn’t be a good enough a reason to drop these celebrity players..

      Then the same people have been complaining about how “Player Power” has been ruining the game for the last 2 decades..

  7. Sorry, Auba isn’t a child but an adult star player responsible for his own mistakes and decision making. Wish him all the best, but I don’t miss the egocentric version that left us.

  8. Well our old friend Gabby Agbonlahor again.

    I think he should be arrested for contributing to global warming, since he appears to be full of so much hot air.

    I feel that many of these so called pundits feel they have to make outrageous comments just to be noticed.

    Sadly this site panders to them.

    Maybe Admin Pat can use some common sense and filter out the more egregious comments; like this one!!!

  9. Even Mo Salah’s, Sadio Mane’s salary don’t get as much as Auba during that time, MA is under pressure with no Champions League football to play + there’s more reasons behind why MA did it than this half cooked article. Peace for both MA & Auba.

  10. Arteta deserves to be sacked for selling aubamayang this will hand Chelsea trophies this season. With sterling and aubamayang upfront Chelsea will be unstoppable

  11. Arteta was 100 % correct in his actions.
    I think whatever a manager says at any club should be done.Players act like they are bigger than the club (the club) who pay them extremely large amounts of money that is.
    You seen how Auba reacted instead of saying ok I’ll put more effort in he just dragged his heals
    If I was the boss I would have done the same !

  12. I understand he had to go. But letting him go on a free, come on, Barca are about to get a whopping 22M for him. come on thats a loss in my own account.

    1. Auba’s wages went up to near what we were paying him in the summer. If in Barca’s current situation Chelsea are mug enough to pay 22 million then more fool them regardless of how it works. Ultimately they could get him for free, if they really tried. Chelsea just paying over the odds for everyone except Sterling who clearly apparently wanted Chelsea for whatever reason.

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