Pundit slams Aubameyang and is not impressed with Ljungberg decisions

Tony Cascarino rips into Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and highlights why Freddie Ljungberg may be a bad manager.

Arsenal’s season doesn’t look like getting better even under a new manager and Tony Cascarino has slammed the club’s captain and their interim manager.

The Gunners have played two games under Freddie Ljungberg and it is hard to see a difference between the Swede and Unai Emery.

Ljungberg drew his first game and lost his second at home to Brighton, in both games Arsenal players looked very short on confidence and it seems it will take a while for the team to get back their winning mentality.

Cascarino was speaking about how Aubameyang reacted to a misplaced pass by Joe Willock in their game against Brighton.

He believed Aubameyang took the very wrong approach as the midfielder was still finding his feet in the game.

“There was an incident with Willock on Thursday night where he takes a bit of stick from Aubameyang, which I thought was totally out of order,” Cascarino told talkSPORT.

“Aubameyang berated him. Willock’s a young kid coming into the game. It was totally out of order.”

Cascarino has also not been impressed by Freddie Ljungberg and thinks the Swede is tinkering too much with his team too soon.

“He made changes after his very first game, that’s bad management. You’ve got to say, ‘You’re my first XI and I’m going to trust you even if we have a bad game’.

“I thought his selection was totally wrong against Norwich. He made changes which backfired and then he did it again against Brighton.”

No doubt some fans will just dismiss these comments because it is a pundit they don’t like but that does not mean he is wrong in his assessment. I think he is right. Aubameyang was out of order and Ljungberg has made some very bad decisions.


  1. Yes, but I don’t think Ljungberg and Aubameyang would repeat their mistakes at London Stadium

    Regarding the new manager, just wait for Guardiola at the end of this season if Arsenal are patient enough

    1. yes,but certainly you wrong because in a struggling team like arsenal I think there is no room for young lads to be taking chances Joe was absolutely absent minded he only plays for pleasure maybe the interim boss should pick his senior XI for the trip to west ham

  2. TalkSport, a chelsea ex player and a dislike of our club all rolled into one by cundy and durham – not one of them have been succesful manager/coaches, and, I do believe, captains of their teams either.
    We just have to bite the bullet and wait.

    The real hurt is that Admin is right, freddie has been found wanting and Auba, while flexing his captains armband against a youngster, was nowhere around when Luiz failed miserablly to thwart the second goal…and left it to Ozil to show some kind of reaction to another miserable display…for which he himself has been roundly criticised by some on here!!!

  3. He is out of order with his relentless fault-finding. What exactly is his motive? That is the issue.

    Auba may have done made a mistake in most people’s opinions. But I doubt if other interaction between him and Willock or any other younger player for that matter, is common knowledge. It is wrong for us to begin to slag him off for doing what he should do. He is expected to show leadership and be man enough to let the younger man know when he doesn’t do well.

    Arsenal fans double speak too much. In other elite clubs, I don’t think Willock would have gotten away with it. Why whine and moan about lack of leadership in the team and someone is trying to show this and you have a problem with how he says it. Does Willock have such a fragile ego? It is not a plus to be unable to handle the heat in the man’s game.

    I think the so called pundits have a share of how their constant barrage of criticism of anything Arsenal, have poisoned the air around the club. They never see any good about the club. It has to stop.

  4. What ever he said we need to play our experienced players and the positions they play usually not ozil on the wing pit auba at 9 ozil behind strikers chambers CB with mustafi bellerin and tierny xhaka guandouzi pepe laca

  5. This us how rot festers in the minds of easily led fans. Every has been player with a pundit gig is making his crust off of us now.

  6. “No doubt some fans will just dismiss these comments because it is a pundit they don’t like but that does not mean he is wrong in his assessment. I think he is right.”

    Just like you dismiss the comments on AFTV because you don’t like the owner, even though what they say is right. So much for double standards.

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